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Invest 1-Day & Discover 11 Powerful Strategies to Breakthrough Any Obstacle & Achieve Your Vision NOW


LIVE 1-Day Training Event - Saturday, May 27, 2017 in Montreal, QC


I AM Niurka, and I have a special invitation for you (+ 1 guest) to join me Sat., May 27th for an Epic full-day event that will ignite your creative powers.


Here’s the scoop… 


The principles of Supreme Influence have empowered tens of thousands to breakthrough stuck states, and step into purpose, poise, and power in every area of life… achieving outstanding results beyond anything ever imagined! I want you to experience this too!


Attendees consistently report Supreme Influence principles and strategies empower them to magically reprogram their mind, as you might “reset” a computer! 


How does this happen?
I’ll be revealing this Saturday, May 27th in Montreal!


At this riveting 1-day event, you’ll be empowered with tools and techniques to transform old mental programs, and write a new blueprint for your future! 


I call this….. Mastering the Art of Supreme Influence
and I’ve been leading courses on this topic around the world for over 17 years.
(prior to that I was the top corporate trainer for Anthony Robbins for 5 years)


This brings me to the invitation I mentioned at the beginning of this note….
I certainly do have something special for you!!!


At the Power of Success event I announced I’d return Saturday, May 27th, and lead a group through this teaching. That day I offered special pricing of $197.00us. Because of the extraordinary response, I’ve decided to extend this special offer.


Now is time to take action. Join us for this epic 1-day event!

To reserve your seat CLICK this LINK below…


I AM inspired to be in your presence soon as we embark on this journey of a lifetime!


To your success, and with Love,



A Full-Day Total Immersion Training Event LIVE in Montreal w/ Transformational Leader & Creator of the Art of Supreme Influence NIURKA.


Your ticket includes special seating for two.
Please arrive early.


Saturday, May 27, 2017
Registration: 9am
Live Event: 10am-7pm

Palais Des Congrès De Montréal
1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle
Montréal, QC


Your ticket includes a seat for you + 1 guest.
Who will you bring to this epic event?


Only $197us for you + 1 guest!

“My time is my most valuable asset, so I’m strategic in how I spend it. Niurka’s Supreme Influence event infused me with incredible energy, and powerful techniques that I’ve integrated to skyrocket my business, and life. This is the most powerful Communication training I’ve ever been to!!!”


– Jesse Weinberg #1 Sales Team Nationwide (from 130,000 agents) Jesse Weinberg & Associates, Keller Williams Real Estate

Jesse Weinberg

“When you change,
the world around you changes...
YOU have that much Power!”

Gifts for YOU

Enjoy these select digital teachings in your inbox
the morning of the event as my gift to you
(Valued $500)

Inspire a "YES!"
An Exclusive Keynote Presentation
(31-minute video)

Inspire a Yes

Discover The 3 Most Important Secrets
To Powerful & Effective Communication That Inspires Purposeful Action
(27-minute Video)

Discover 3 Secrets

How to Let Go & Be Free
A Teaching, Guided Meditation
& Riveting Interview
(4-Part Audio Set)

Let go & be free

Imagine freeing yourself from negative thoughts, feelings and attachments. Forgiveness is the choice to let go and be free. It inspires harmonious powerful presence to live centered, awake in the now, unswayed by anything or anyone outside you.


In this 4 part audio series, Niurka illuminates how forgiveness sets you free. She guides you through teachings and meditation that bring liberation and empowerment.


Niurka also shares a riveting conversation with peacemaker and forgiveness advocate, Aqeela Sherrills, best known for negotiating the truce between two rival LA gangs, the Bloods and the Crips.


With this gift you’ll discover:

– Why letting go creates FREEDOM and CHOICE in your life
– How to stop resisting the past or worrying about the future
– How to heal yourself, and your relationships through forgiveness
– What you can do right now to love, accept, and fully forgive yourself


This teaching brings you closer to peace within yourself and everything in life.