The Phoenix Rising at NeoGenesis


A blog written by students of NEOGENESIS.


We just got back from an epic journey in Sedona and we are so in-spirited to share our experience with you.


During the powerful four days at NeoGenesis, one transformational breakthrough after another unfolded within the room.


As each student began to alchemize their previous core values and watch them burn to ashes, a newfound beginning and sense of vitality began to rise like a Phoenix. Through the elicitation of values, and also exploring the root causes of Anger, Sadness, and Fear, a truly priceless gift was uncovered.


As students, we were able to see a night and day difference between the things we thought were motivating our desires and start implementing what we actually value – in light of which, will start producing consistent results.


At THIS course… We watched in awe as the Tribe was was moved each day to join in a ripple effect of celebration, dancing, unconditional love, and beginning anew.


One Student’s Experience:


“My weekend in Sedona was miraculous, to say the least. I found myself absolutely present to what had been the unconscious, driving force of my behaviors and actions in so many areas of life. I also became even MORE aware of how interconnected my life’s path and patterns are with you and all the beautiful beings there, some of which I was meeting for the first time, and found so much in common with. It was in my listening and being moved by everyone’s sharing that many of my breakthroughs came to surface. I was so inspirited by the realization that my prayer for my “angels to guide me” revealed all of the Neo Tribe to be just that. So inspired and grateful to be connected to and co-creating with all of you on this road to Supreme Mastery. So excited to peel back another layer as we journey onward.”


Another Student’s Experience:


“Until Neo, I was completely unaware of the blame and responsibility I had put on myself when I was a little girl. I identified the specific root cause moment of guilt that had been impacting the closest relationships in my life since age 4. Throughout past experiences, I used to apologize for simply being, and felt anxious when relating or showing love to others. With this new gift, I am able to be open and vulnerable during moments of real connection. I know that I am supported and loved… and that it’s safe to reciprocate that same true emotion to others.”


What other members of The Tribe have been saying:


“This was too amazing for words.”

“What a phenomenal 4 days it was!”

“My heart is full of love and open to receive and give.”

“Scheduled my first session with a client to work on values and time line. I am Psyched! I landed a new client yesterday and I have a meeting tonight…my Phoenix is soaring!”


We can both see how revisiting this course holds immense value and are excited to delve into any other area of life with you again… which is why we are returning back to the red rocks of Sedona again!


Join us for NeoGenesis next year, April 14-17, 2016!