The Secret To A Passionate, Loving Relationship That Can Last A Lifetime

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m inspired to reveal an insight that will Spark  Your Intimate Relationship to NEW lasting levels of Juicy Passion, Joy, Love & whatever else is most important to YOU 😉

Whether you’re in a…

  • New intimate relationship,
  • Long-term partnership, or marriage,
  • Contemplating whether or not to stay in your existing relationship,
  • You’re single & available to attract True Love, or
  • You’re taking a “relationship break” to relate even more deeply w/ your Self

You’ll value & appreciate this profound insight because…

It illuminates THE (yes…“THE”) most essential secret to enjoying a Healthful, Loving, Passionate Intimate Relationship that can last a lifetime.

I was sharing this insight the other day with a dear friend who was doing my lashes, and she said, “OMG!!! You have to share this! It makes total sense! I can’t believe I didn’t think about this before!”

She inspired me to create this blog and share it w/ YOU too 😉 maybe I should start recording my lash sessions. What do ya think?;)

Leave me a comment at the bottom of the blog. I’m Excited to connect w/ You there!


I’m inspired to share with you an insight that’s relevant for Valentine’s Day to inspire you in creating nourishing, juicy, amazing, passionate relationships that can last a lifetime.

Whether you’re in an intimate relationship right now that is AMAZING, or you are inspired to attract True Love, or whether you’re in a relationship and it’s a challenge, or you might be taking some time for you, and saying, “You know what? I’m focusing on nourishing myself right now.”

Wherever you are in RELATIONSHIP …you’re going to recieve value and insight from this video.

First I want to share with you something that, people ask me all the time…

What is it that causes Relationships to fail?

I’ve discovered three things that consistently show up when a relationship fails.

In this video I want to share one of them with you, and what that is, is…

Misalignment, some type of incongruence in CORE VALUES.  

Core values are so important.

When you first meet someone, it’s new and it’s fresh and it’s novel. Then over time the law of familiarity kicks in, and you realize, hey, wait a minute… I’m all about adventure and spontaneity and this person’s all about comfort and security. And those may not seem to be aligned. So I’m going to give you an insight. If that’s the case for you, how you can transcend that and still develop deep passion and love – that is lasting.

First I’ll say this…

If you’re not in a relationship, and you’re seeking to attract one. Here’s one thing that is key. It’s essential and imperative.

You may have heard me say that the word imperative means to set in order, when you look at the root of that word.

It’s imperative to know what is most important to you in the context of an intimate relationship. A committed, intimate relationship.

  • What’s important to you?
  • What are your core values?
  • What’s most important to you in a relationship, and…
  • What’s most important to you in a partner?

You want to know what your 5 ABSOLUTES are. Your 5 essentials.

This isn’t about a big huge, long list of everything that you want. I see people sometimes they do that, they write this big long list and sometimes what you truly want, can come in ways, even more magnificent than you could imagine.

That’s why it’s important to be clear on your 5 ABSOLUTES that are non-negotiables that are imperative to you at a level 10 (or at least 9) and Not Settle!

Because if you settle, over time, you’ll end up resenting it. And what I see a lot of people do, is they project that onto their partner.

Carl Jung said…

“You marry your subconscious mind and then project all of your unresolved issues onto him or her.” And then I add… “until you wake up!”

And one of the things to wake up to is…this understanding of what’s most important to you in the context of intimacy.

So once you know your 5 ABSOLUTES, whatever they are for you, let’s say one of them is chemistry, it’s important for you to feel that spark that juicy, chemical feeling when you’re with your partner that you don’t feel with friends, or with other people in your life.

Second one might be…

Consider.. what is it for you? Ask yourself…

  • What’s most important to me?
  • What are my non negotiables?

It might be somebody that has a sense of character, integrity and honesty.

It might be love, warmth and affection.

It might be someone that you can have fun with.

Or somebody who’s healthy, vital, and fit.

It might be somebody that you have stimulating conversations with, and a level of intelligence.

It might be somebody who has financial stability and has their life in order.

Whatever that may be for you, it’s important, you are clear on your TOP 5.

Then, once you’re clear on what those are, here’s the secret….

You unconditionally accept everything else!

I see so many people that have challenges in relationships because they nitpick on silly things. So it’s like, let’s say that you don’t like having sports in the background. I’m not a fan of having sports playing on television in the background. If your partner meets your 5 ABSOLUTES, you unconditionally accept everything else. You might find strategies that, create a space where those things could happen, like – build a man cave or whatever that may be, for lack of a better term. The thing is that you don’t nitpick things that you don’t like.

That’s why it’s so important that your partner meets your ABSOLUTES at a level 10 because otherwise you’ll end up looking for little things to nag or maybe nag’s not the best word. Nitpick on.

Here’s another example of unconditionally accepting everything else…

Let’s say that they enjoy going out with their friends and having guys night out or girls night out. You unconditionally accept that. You don’t even bring it up. You’re supportive, you’re loving because you know that at the core, based on what’s most important and what’s most essential to you, your partner meets those absolutes.

Now, let’s say that you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, like 10 years and you love your partner and perhaps you’re in a place where you come to the realization that your partner doesn’t meet those absolutes. The question becomes, is your relationship over?

No, not necessarily. What’s most important is that you then find other ways to meet those absolutes.

Let’s say one of the things that you’d love to have as an ABSOLUTE in your intimate relationship is stimulating conversation, communication that sparks intelligent insights.

And let’s say that your partner tends to be quiet and they don’t really talk too much and you don’t have that simulation in a conversation.

Then, if you’ve been in this relationship a long time and you value, and you want to nourish that… then, find other places, other groups.

If you’re a woman, you connect with other women in sisterhood, which is what we do once a year when I lead my women’s experience Goddess Garden and this conversation about the 5 absolutes is a conversation that I bring into that experience to really empower these women in becoming really, really clear.

This applies whether you’re a man or a woman.

Consider… What’s most important to you?

So this Valentine’s Day tune into that.

What are your absolutes?

Write them down, and then… unconditionally accept everything else. Don’t nitpick and enjoy love.

And, I’ll leave you with this final thought…

Love yourself. Self Love 🙂

Before you can really commit to another, or before you can really surrender to powerful love with another. What’s most essential is that you love, honor and nourish yourself.

I’m sending you infinite LOVE this Valentine’s Day <3.

And… if you’re a WOMAN inspired to explore how to LOVE YOUR SELF even more completely… consider joining me this year for my AMAZING Women’s Weekend Retreat Experience… Goddess Garden.



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