Digital Course by NIURKA

A Digital Course To Attune Your Vibe To The Energies Of Faith & Gratitude

The Quality of your Life mirrors the quality of the mental and emotional STATES that you frequent. This digital course guides you to cultivate the Highly Empowering States of Faith & Gratitude.

Faith is a sense of certainty even in the midst of uncertainty. It’s the Transcendence of doubt. Imagine how your Life would improve if you transcended doubt or insecurity and knew at the CORE that Who You Are is Greater than any circumstance.

Gratitude is a state of Genuine Appreciation. Gratitude is a prerequisite for attracting prosperity because it attunes you with the Abundance surrounding you now.

If you want to change the worldor change your life, it will only happen if you believe it’s possible, and FOCUS on Possibilities rather than problems.

Expressing FAITH & GRATITUDE expands your Capacity to Recognize Possibilities and Receive Abundance. It demonstrates that you LIVE Powerfully and Prosperously, thereby Inviting even more Awesomeness to appear in your Life via Law of Attraction.

FAITH & GRATITUDE Attunes YOU with your Higher Self…and Magnetizes YOU with the LOVE that you Emanate.

So, how do you embody and exemplify Faith & Gratitude?  How do you make these STATES a consistent CORE of your Daily Life? By making it a PRAXIS (a daily practice).

This digital course offers you Insights and Daily Practices to Cultivate these Powerful states within to Live a Rich and Rewarding life.

What would it be worth to consistently experience Faith & Gratitude in your Life now?

…Nothing will be impossible for you.

"Thank you, Niurka!! This Power of Gratidude gift that you gave me deeply affected me, and in some subtle, but tangible way has changed my life."

-Obi Ndefo

In this Digital Course, you’ll Learn Daily Practices to:

  • Activate the Law of Attraction to bring your genuine desires

  • Eliminate thoughts of worry, lack, or scarcity

  • Approach Life with Appreciation and Attract Opportunities

  • Naturally focus on the Abundance all around you

  • Recognize the Beauty & Splendor inherent in Life itself


What You’ll Receive:

LifeTime Access!!! Via STREAM
The Power of Faith & Gratitude Digital Course

Three (3) Audio Teachings:
- Audio #1: Resourceful States Create Resourceful People
- Audio #2: Questions Are The Answer
- Audio #3: Direct Energy Wisely

One (1) Video Teaching:

- Video #1: In Giving We Receive

Resourceful States Create Resourceful People

Do you often feel stress, anger, frustration, worry, disappointment, anxiety, overwhelm, or sadness? Or do you mostly feel states like confidence, love, appreciation, joy, enthusiasm, freedom, passion, drive, and pleasure?  

The Quality of your Life MIRRORS the Quality of your Mental and Emotional States.

In this audio teaching, Niurka gives you a recipe to authentically call forth and embody any state on demand. You’ll discover how you can instantly change disempowering states of thinking and being...and Powerfully Step into the Empowering States Immediately.

You’ll never again feel like a victim of your mood or circumstances. Anytime you get stuck in an old pattern, you’ll know exactly how to Breakthrough and move beyond it quickly and gracefully.

With Niurka’s Faith & Gratitude Digital Course you’ll be able to:

Instantly Recognize and Snap Out Of any unwanted mental or emotional states – like stress, worry, frustration or boredom
Consistently feel powerful, excited, sexy, confident, and capable. Niurka will lead you through an exercise that you can use again and again to Embody Your Most Powerful States of Excellence on Demand. Even if you have a down day or a sad moment, with this tool, you’ll be able to shift gears in a second
Access Empowering States of Mind at Will - in a heartbeat – like clarity, focus, drive, passion, or tenacity - so that you Open Channels for Abundance to Flow to you and through you

"When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."

- Tao Te Ching

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NIURKA is the creator of The Art of SUPREME INFLUENCE®, transformational leader, seasoned presenter, master trainer, and author who inspires, empowers, and educates people to live freely, lovingly and mightily.

In 2000 she launched her company with a vision of inspiring social transformation through inner evolution.

Niurka has guided tens of thousands of people to elevate the way they think, speak and live.

She teaches from real world experience. Once a high school dropout, she rose from selling knives door-to-door at 15 to becoming #1 corporate trainer for Anthony Robbins by 20.

Niurka’s shared the stage with many of the most powerful leaders on the planet. Her life’s work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit. She’s been sought out by many of the finest corporations in the world who’ve produced record-breaking results by applying her teachings.

Her unique blend of linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics, combined with her in-depth understanding of ancient-wisdom and personal transformation, creates a phenomenal integral learning environment to expand your awareness, breakthrough blocks, inspire stellar results, and realize true success in every area of life.

A master trainer of Evolved NLP, and a master of hypnotherapy, her company offers global certification in these disciplines.

This wise, intuitive, multi-cultural and spiritually centered woman will transmit the power of SUPREME INFLUENCE® to YOU. Get Ready to QUANTUM LEAP Your Life.