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SUPREME INFLUENCE is a way of being and communicating
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"Niurka is a trustworthy guide who takes you to the root (CORE) of what it means to be authentic. She sets before you a rich banquet of wise choices for manifesting your highest potential. Her artful mix of methods is a wondrous investigation into the source and importance of how to uncover your innate strength, confidence, and joy under all of life's circumstances. By applying them, you will find the freedom of being your true self."
- Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center; Creator, Life Visioning Process; Author, Spiritual Liberation


Supreme Influence In Action

Advanced Communication Skills & Evolved NLP Training


November 3-7th, 2018 includes Q&A with Niurka - Bonus Morning Nov. 8th (ends at 12pm) | Register Now


Brief Description

SIIA will expand your awareness and elevate how you communicate with yourself and the world around you forever. This 5-day total-immersion training experience gives you techniques and daily practices that'll empower and inspire you to communicate more effectively and authentically than ever before! You'll integrate knowledge and receive tools to cultivate harmonious relationships and produce successful results in every area of life.

"Niurka is a star, she knows how to create consistent, outstanding results."
- Tony Robbins


June 22-24, 2018

Goddess Garden is a life-changing weekend experience for women to embody, commune, and relish in the sacred power of the Divine Feminine. Together we will explore how to balance and thrive in the most essential roles we play in our families, businesses, sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, and community as graceful and powerful leaders in our emerging world.

"My journey with Niurka was not what I expected, and what I received you can’t put a price tag on. The day Niurka taught me to ask myself better questions is the day the chaos stopped. I don’t go into those dark fearful places anymore. I am free because of the tools I received, and skills I learned from Niurka. Now when life’s natural paths unfold, I'm not running away. I am taking ownership. I inhale a breath, and consciously think before I act or speak. Through Niurka’s work I have discovered that everything I've ever searched for has always been within me."
- Mary Petersen

Real Estate Professional, Keefe Real Estate Lake Geneva, WI

Creator of Life-Changing Presentations

Niurka's thought-provoking message, engaging and entertaining stories, and captivating speaking style inspires audiences into purposeful action. Niurka has been empowering and Inspiring audiences for almost 20 years. Her presentations are life-changing and memorable; she customizes each one to speak into the audience’s listening for the most profound impact.

"100% valuable information. Since applying Niurka’s Supreme Influence principles our opportunity pipeline increased by over $50 million in just a quarter!"
- Greg Muzzillo

Founder Proforma


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