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A 3-Day Training to Transform Vision into Victory

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Purposeful Leadership
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Royalton Riviera Resort

Elevate Your Leadership Skills in Paradise

Purposeful Leadership is more than a course; it's a calling. It begins with understanding that your power to effectively lead springs forth from the authenticity of your being, clarity of your vision, and the devotion to your purpose — not the authority of a position.

True leadership is not about how far you go; it's about how far others go because of you.  It's about inspiring trust, confidence, and igniting a belief in a new vision and possibility.

As you apply the insights from this course, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in how you lead and live, becoming a beacon of influence and a catalyst for positive change.

Join us, just 15-minute from Cancún airport, amidst the beauty of pristine beaches, our 5-star resort offers the ideal setting for you to dive deep into your leadership growth journey.





Purposeful leadership is a transformative state of being, fueled by a clear vision that drives decisive, effective action. It exemplifies the skill to organize and inspire a team towards fulfilling a meaningful purpose. This approach not only sharpens strategic focus, it embeds aligned core values and intention in every decision and action.

Join us to master this transformative leadership style. Learn how to navigate complex challenges with acumen, empower your team to greatness, and accomplish significant, measurable results with impact.

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Radically Improve Your Leadership Skills In These Areas…

Authentic Being

Become a Leader that People are Genuinely Inspired to Follow

Problem Solving

Alchemize Challenges into Creative, Innovative Solutions

Team Building

Transform Individual Players into a Unified Team on a Mission


Inspiring & Organizing Talent Toward a Compelling Shared Vision


Accelerate Growth with Futuristic Thinking & AI

Strategic Planning

Develop a Blueprint that Aligns Resources & Actions with Long-Term Objectives

Time Management

Convert Overwhelm into Organized, Efficient Productivity

Decision Making

Turn Indecision into Confident, Data-Driven, Intelligent Decisive Action

Understanding Metrics

Decode Complex Data into Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to Track & Drive Success
“Since working with Niurka, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement of 10-20% every year! I personally recommend her. There is no question her work is of great value.”

Garth Blumenthal
Dealer Principal & General Manager
Fletcher Jones Motor Cars (25 years)
#1 Dealer in U.S. for 19 consecutive years
Best of the Best Mercedes Benz USA
CEO Unstoppable Automotive Group


    Who Should Attend

    Visionaries Determined to Reshape the Future

    Business Owners Strategizing for Exponential Growth

    Entrepreneurs Innovating to Pioneer New Realities

    CEO’s Embracing Cutting-Edge Leadership Models

    Executives Committed to Cultivate Dynamic Corporate Cultures

    Organizational Leaders Spearheading Radical Transformation

    Change-Makers Aiming to Reinvent & Disturb the Status Quo

    Thought Leaders Developing Frameworks for Lasting Impact

    Creative Minds Turning Visionary Ideas into Tangible Results

    Corporate Trailblazers Orchestrating Organizational Evolution

    Start-Up Founders Focused on Scaling Ventures for Success

    Marketing Directors Mastering Influence & Market Dynamics

    Sales Leaders Elevating Teams to Peak Performance

    Coaches & Consultants Amplifying their Impactful Reach

    Future Entrepreneurs Preparing to Navigate the Business World

    Emerging Leaders Cultivating Charisma & Commanding Presence

    Purposeful Leadership will Guide you to Radically Improve your Capacities as a Leader by Stepping Into your Authentic BEING, Developing a Clear Vision and Inspiring Purpose, which will become the foundation to your Success and Contribution.

    During our time together, we’ll explore how to lead with empathy, inspire action, and empower those around us. You'll learn how to communicate your vision with enthusiasm and clarity, embodying core leadership qualities, while forging your unique leadership style.

    Participation in experiential exercises will amplify your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

    Learn to lead, not just with words, but with integrity and wise action, touching people's hearts and inspiring them to rise to the heights they are destined for.

    This isn't just another leadership training — it's a riveting transformative experience, curated to enhance your capacity to inspire, influence, and drive meaningful IMPACT.

    Trusted by Leading Experts in their Industries

    “Niurka is a unique, authentic, and powerful speaker. She is a leader in the industry and a master at stirring up people’s minds and souls. I have personally experienced her motivate and inspire people to positive change The more people who access her wisdom, energy, and contagious enthusiasm the better off we will all be.”

    Steve Rodgers
    Real Living Lifestyles Real Estate

    “The first time I went to Niurka’s course, I doubled my business. The second time, I saw an even bigger impact not just in business, but in every area of my life!”

    Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg
    Founder, Olive Creative Strategies, Inc.
    San Diego, California

    Troy Hoffman

    “The thing that needs to change is right here (in your mind)... and it's not going to happen unless you get in the right environments, the right training, and with the right leaders. Niurka is precise and has a very specific gift to transform people's lives. It's a different game, it just is.”

    Troy Hoffman
    Founder, Simpluris Inc.


      What You'll Receive

      A Success & Fulfillment BLUEPRINT


      Exclusive Questionnaire


      Guidance to Create a Clear Vision and Mission


      Step-by-Step Plan to Achieve Outstanding Results


      Niurka’s Hands On Results Coaching

      Investment: $7,997
      ONLY $3,997
      (with Double Occupancy)
      INCLUDED: 5 days/ 4 nights - Single or Double Occupancy

      Arrive: Jan. 25, 2024 - night before the course begins
      Depart: Jan. 29, 2024

      (Installment Plans Available at Checkout)
      (Installment Plans Available at Checkout)

      Location TBD


      NIURKA is the Creator and Leader of Life-Changing Events, Courses, Experiences and Adventures. She’s a Transformational Leader and Master Results Coach who’s guided hundreds-of-thousands of people to Elevate the way they Think, Speak And Live. Her work Inspires and Empowers leaders to Break Free of obstacles, and create a business and life of meaning and success.

      In 2000 she launched her company with the Vision of Inspiring Social Transformation through Inner Evolution. Prior, she was the legendary  #1 Corporate Trainer working side-by-side with Anthony Robbins, the world renowned authority on leadership psychology and peak performance. 

      Niurka's work Unites Business with Essential Wisdom of Mind-Body-Spirit. She has developed custom training programs for many of the finest companies in the world, including: Mercedes-Benz, Marriott, Berkshire Hathaway, (to name a few) who have produced record-breaking results applying her strategies. One example of her client’s successes include: Fletcher Jones MotorCars who became #1 Mercedes-Benz dealer in the world  within 7 months of applying her training.

      Niurka's unique blend of linguistics, neuroscience, business mastery, and psychology, combined with her in-depth understanding of the subconscious mind, creates an integral learning environment that empowers her client’s to deactivate disempowering mindsets and behaviors, and achieve consistent, outstanding results.

      Niurka has shared the stage with many of the most renowned thought leaders on the planet. She is a best-selling author, and one of the world's leading Master Trainers of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Hypnotherapy. Niurka's company is an accredited institute offering global certification in these disciplines.

      This wise, intuitive, multi-cultural and spiritually centered woman will empower you to embody PURPOSEFUL LEADERSHIP, and Quantum Leap your Business, Relationships, and Life!

      Register Now & Experience the Power of this Exciting Transformative Course!