LIVE Transformational Experiences
with Niurka

Magickal Materialization

A 2-Day Weekend Training Event
Date: March 3 – 4, 2018
Location: TBA

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Magickal Materialization is a 2-Day Weekend Training Event formerly known as, The Science of Achieving BIG Goals. Be masterfully guided to intuit the grandest vision for your life, and create proper conditions to actualize it rapidly.


Step into a world that responds to the power of your true will, and highest intentions. Experience your deepest fantasies magickally unfolding before your very eyes as you come into sacred union with the genie in the bottle who is ready to graciously grant your wishes on command.


You are the genie… living in a world of magickal materialization. This awareness creates a joyous reality you’ll call home. Imagine… willing your vision into existence. In the magickal world… as you dream it, you create it.


In this enchanting weekend experience, Niurka will guide you to bring the pinnacle of your towering ideas into manifestation so you fulfill your grand destiny.

Goddess Garden


A 3-Day Spiritual Retreat for Women
Date: June 22 – 24, 2018
Location: TBA
Ashland, OR
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Embody your divine feminine power at Goddess Garden, a spiritual retreat for women to commune and relish in the sacred magic of sisterhood.


Together we will explore how to balance and thrive in the most essential roles we play in our families, businesses, sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, community, and as graceful and powerful leaders in our emerging world. Goddess Garden is an initiation into a higher level of awareness, empowerment and LOVE.


Upon completion of our 3-day ceremony, you will embody a greater expression of your power as a woman.



A 4-Day Course to Transform Your Life
Date: September 20-24th, 2018
Location: Sedona Mago Retreat Center, AZ
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NeoGenesis guides you to transform any problem at the root. You realize there’s a gift buried within every challenge. You source the gift, integrate the learning and release old patterns.


You then look out toward a bright future, feeling clearer and freer than ever. For many, NeoGenesis is THE most profound experience of their lives. Imagine freeing yourself from any disempowering thoughts, emotions, or limiting beliefs. And powerfully stepping into your brilliant luminous present and future.


This is a place where you can transform your life in 4-days, in a way that ignites your inspiration, direction, results, and fulfillment.

Supreme Influence in Action


A 5-Day Communication Mastery & Evolved NLP
Date: November 3-7th, 2018 includes Q&A with Niurka – Bonus Morning Nov. 8th (ends at 12pm)
Location: Miramonte Resort, Indian Wells, CA


SIIA is a total immersion accelerated learning experience that will expand your awareness and elevate how you communicate.


SIIA offers wisdom, techniques and daily practices that will EMPOWER you to communicate more effectively than ever before… in every area of your life that’s most important to you.  You’ll  learn how to elegantly solve problems, effectively negotiate deals while creating win-win scenarios, and inspiring action in others and yourself.


At SIIA you will integrate knowledge and receive tools to create harmonious relationships and produce successful results in every area of life.