A Powerful Weekend Training Event Experience
Actualize Your Grandest Dreams Into Manifestation

NIURKA has guided tens of thousands of people (from all walks of life) to Actualize their Grandest Goals and Vision...even greater than imagined. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!
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A Powerful Weekend Training Event Experience
Actualize Your Grandest Dreams Into Manifestation

NIURKA has guided tens of thousands of people (from all walks of life) to Actualize their Grandest Goals and Vision...even greater than imagined. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!
March 3-4, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA
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The Art & Science of Manifestation
A Powerful 2-Day Training Event

What’s the difference between people who rapidly materialize their goals and those who don’t? It’s no simple textbook formula, and it’s not a question of just writing down your goals, reviewing them, measuring them, setting timelines and inspecting what you expect (the keys to conscious creation are much more subtle than that).

Through Niurka’s years of applied research and practice, she has created a proven approach that consistently (and rapidly!) materializes goals and visions – in every area of life, in an honoring sustainable way. We know it works because Niurka’s students from around the world have used it again and again to create consistent outstanding results in their own businesses and lives. Now you can too!

In just two (2) days, Niurka will teach you the greatest manifestation wisdom on the planet. She’ll personally walk you through the process every step of the way.

Soon you won’t be talking about your goal or’ll be living them!


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“I set my goals 10x and showed them to Niurka at Magickal Materialization. With her guidance, I’ve been growing my business to a multimillion dollar company! Plus, I met my Beloved, and brought him to experience Niurka’s courses too! We’re traveling the world together, having a blast, and I am so grateful. I look forward to spending more time with Niurka to further my learning with her.”"

Oxylent | Founder, CEO

Time Jones"I completed this course in 2016. Came home and filed my Foundation corporate papers, got approved, formed my board, and filed for 501(c)3 status with IRS. I had dreamt about this for a decade, before taking the course. Now, in 18 months, I am fulfilling my destiny. I have been empowered by great leadership & one who teaches the belief of infinite possibilities."

Magickal Materialization Graduate

Brittany Burtz“I met Niurka at 19 years old. At that time I lacked confidence, belief, and powerful communication skills necessary to execute on my goals and play at the level in business I desired to. Through studying and immersing myself in Niurka’s powerful teachings, I uncovered a clear path to materializing my visions. As a result of applying the tools Niurka teaches, at 23 I started a business with a direct sales company (Nerium) and rose to the top of that organization within 1 year (since then the business has grown into a global organization). Today at 29 I am the President of an Education Technology company soon to be public. By my 30th birthday, I’ll be celebrating the release of my first book right on time with my goal. And I’m in a powerful loving relationship with the man of my dreams. I am Eternally Grateful for the valuable tools Niurka’s has introduced into my life!!!”"

President | SchooLogics Inc.
Tiburon, CA

We live in a Field of Infinite Possibility that responds to the Power of your Thoughts.
At the Core of your Being, you are a Manifestor…You are a Creator!



Have you ever written down a goal that you were inspired to achieve only to find yourself giving up, lowering your standard, getting distracted or giving reasons why it didn't happen?

Here are a few reasons people fall short or quit on their goals and dreams:

    • A part of them doubts it, doesn’t believe it, or thinks they don’t deserve it
    • The goal isn’t clear or concise – it has too many moving parts or stipulations
    • They feel like they HAVE to do it – they lack the JUICE & VERVE to attain it
    • The goal seems impossible or unbelievable - it may be TOO specific
    • They micromanage their goal – without trusting their creative power or the power of the Universe to BRING IT
    • They haven’t created the LIFE CONDITIONS for the goal to materialize
    • They can’t see it, feel it, hear it – it isn’t real or compelling for them

    Any of those sound familiar?


    What if there was a strategy to create – MASSIVE, INSPIRING GOALS! – that you knew with absolute certainty you CAN AND WILL achieve?

    What if you knew that you would not only achieve these goals (often much faster than you’d imagined), but the process would be EXHILARATING and EMPOWERING?


    There’s a precise Formula to rapidly Actualize Massive, Inspiring Goals honorably and sustainably. What do I mean? YOU have power to Manifest your GRAND Visions right now in a way that is healthful and empowering for you, others, and the planet! That’s exciting! And that’s precisely what this two (2) day training event is about…

    niurka-starRecognizing and Transmuting doubt, worry, self-sabotage or uncertainty that held you back in the past

    niurka-starVividly Visioning Your Inspiring Future and Embodying it as NOW


    Articulating Clear, Concise, Congruent and Compelling Goals, Inspired by your Authentic Values


    Focusing your Creative Life Force to Fuel and Energize your Goals and Generate Heat and Momentum toward their Rapid Materialization


    Design and Practice specific Rituals to Invite Intuition and Divine Guidance to support you in attracting essential resources and people


    Invoke STATES of Clarity and Empowerment within you so that you Take Wise Actions toward Fulfillment of your Visions


    Release Attachment to Controlling How specifically the Goal will Manifest. Enjoy the Great Mystery...Live with Gratitude


    Be Open and Receptive to the Infinite Possibilities and Full Manifestation of your Vision – which often emerges more fascinating than you could imagine


    A Few Highlights of this Powerful Two (2) Day Learning Experience:

    Day 1: Clarify Your Vision and your most Inspiring Goal. You will learn a powerful way to Uncover, Articulate and Declare your Highest intention.

    We’ll examine past blocks that have prevented you from materializing your goal and dreams up until now. We’ll release any doubt, stress or self-sabotage. With clarity, you will be Free to begin sculpting your compelling vision into form.

    On day 1, we will…

    • Observe and eradicate past blocks or limitations to manifestation
    • Clarify your vision-goal by making it concise, congruent, and compelling
    • Align your focus and actions with your deepest values and vision

    Day 2: We Amplify and Intensify your Vision-Goal  – making it Clear, Crisp, Bright, HUGE and Enveloping. We Energize and Crystallize your intention, bringing your Vision-Goal from the unseen world into tangible Reality – seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, and knowing it AS NOW. With certainty, we’ll release your Intention to the power of the Universe, and we take inspired action, knowing it to return in Manifest form – even grander and more glorious than you imagined. Then we Celebrate.

    On day 2, we will…

    • Intensify and energize your vision-goal to make it powerful and bold
    • Experience the vision-goal as fully realized now
    • Release the intention with total certainty that it will return in physical form
    • Celebrate your Creative Powers and the materializing of our visions
    Tony Robbins

    “Niurka’s a star who knows how to create consistent, outstanding results.”

    The World Renowned Authority on Leadership Psychology


    NIURKA is the creator of The Art of SUPREME INFLUENCE®, transformational leader, seasoned presenter, master trainer, and author who inspires, empowers, and educates people to live freely, lovingly and mightily.

    In 2000 she launched her company with a vision of inspiring social transformation through inner evolution.

    Niurka has guided tens of thousands of people to elevate the way they think, speak and live.

    She teaches from real world experience. Once a high school dropout, she rose from selling knives door-to-door at 15 to becoming #1 corporate trainer for Anthony Robbins by 20.

    Niurka’s shared the stage with many of the most powerful leaders on the planet. Her life’s work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit. She’s been sought out by many of the finest corporations in the world who’ve produced record-breaking results by applying her teachings.

    Her unique blend of linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics, combined with her in-depth understanding of ancient-wisdom and personal transformation, creates a phenomenal integral learning environment to expand your awareness, breakthrough blocks, inspire stellar results, and realize true success in every area of life.

    A master trainer of Evolved NLP, and a master of hypnotherapy, her company offers global certification in these disciplines.

    This wise, intuitive, multi-cultural and spiritually centered woman will transmit the power of SUPREME INFLUENCE® to YOU. Get Ready to QUANTUM LEAP Your Life.

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