A Prerequisite to Manifestation

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Here’s an insight for Manifesting your Grand Vision.

It’s essential for your intention and your vibration to be totally in alignment.

THAT is the Secret to Manifestation.

A lot of times I see people that have clear intentions; they’re clear on a business that they want to build or a project that they want to bring forth, but the vibe, the vibration is not in alignment.

In other words, their vibration has an energy of doubt or worry or fear, which extinguishes their ability to bring their vision out of the realm of ideas into manifestation.

That’s why… one of the Essential Keys (actually, it’s a prerequisite) to Manifestation is…

To feel the vibrations of your vision made of manifest in advance. That’s Right!

Feel the awesome feelings in advance knowing that it is already done in consciousness. Then move through life with a sense of joy, freedom and enthusiasm as you create your experience.

Leave me a comment below. Share with me what Vision, Goal or Dream YOU are most inspired to manifest this year. I’m inspired to hear from You.

With Love & Light,

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