Explore Goddess Archetypes to Embody Your Full Potential as a Woman

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Goddess Garden – a 3-Day Women’s Retreat Experience

Explores Feminine Archetypes to Actualize Your Full Potential as an Aware & Empowered Woman


The Goddess Garden is a magical journey for us women on the path of Self-discovery, empowerment, and conscious co-creation.


Together in sisterhood we embark on a fun, Sacred Adventure that guides you to evoke and embody feminine intelligences that correspond to the 7 classical planets.


1Although the Goddess Garden experience is impossible to encapsulate…


Imagine entering a lush, sacred Garden filled with decadent delights. You glide through the gates, feeling the warm grass tickling your feet. The wind gently caresses your hair as you pluck a voluptuous pomegranate off a pregnant tree and tear open its flesh to savor just one seed. As you merge with the burst of flavor, orgasmic awakening penetrates down your body temple into the molten heart of mother Earth.




You continue gliding… and catch a glimpse of the most beautiful red rose you’ve ever seen. You pause and inhale its fragrance. As you look up you notice an array of beautiful creatures reveling in the Garden. You hear laughter in the air. Fascinated by how alluring and unique each one is, you curiously watch.



3You see one resembling a Queen, or an Empress, and you wonder what it feels like to carry yourself with such dignity, power, and grace. As you gaze upon her, your own body elongates feeling a deeper sense of expansion and benevolence for all creation.






Above a blossoming apple tree by the lake, the planet Venus seductively sparkles. Looking up at her is a sensuous goddess dressed in green, relishing in love; she is totally embodied. You marvel, “How much pleasure can she stand?




Off in the distan5ce you notice a winged Egyptian goddess, wearing a gold robe and crowned with a feather. Representing Justice, Truth, and Strength, she balances karmic scales, inspiring Divine order in the world of maya. And causing harmony and equilibrium to become manifest.





Looking up towards the planet Mars is a warrior princess with determined charm. You sense her Will. You know by the power of her stance, she will not be denied. She will achieve, in alignment with her True Purpose. Her gracious resolve ensures the fulfillment of her grand destiny.


7Over by the white rose bush is a radiant mother goddess with wild dark hair. She tends to the garden in a calm, nurturing way. She protects all creation. Animals are drawn to her warm and secure presence. She is aware and unafraid. She meets life where it is, and creates space for healing and growth. She sings aloud and her notes match the notes of the Universe.






Sitting in meditation, you behold a wise crone. She speaks no words, but the boundless depths of her eternal gaze tell stories of time grown old. Lifetimes of secrets revealed in each crease in her wise face. Next to her is a beautiful maiden who smells like fresh strawberries. With innocence and curiosity, she fascinatingly explores life’s Mystery.


You find yourself enchanted by the power and grace of these soft and bold creatures. Each one so different, each one embodying a unique aspect of the Divine feminine.


You smile, grateful for this sacred reflection, and as you do a High Priestess approaches you with a wooden box. The box has carvings of ancient symbols.


9The High Priestess receives all of you. You feel more seen and welcome than you have ever known. She loves you. She sees who you really are. She instructs you to open the box. You inhale and open….


Sisters … the mystery of this box is revealed in ceremony at Goddess Garden. Yet,I am feeling called to reveal a glimpse of what’s in the box to illuminate and empower your path.


The box contains… a small key.


The High Priestess explains… this key is very special. It unlocks a hidden gate. Not just any gate, but a gate within you.


The Key to Being In Love with All of You


She reveals how all the goddesses you have seen in the Garden reside within you. She asks if you would like to unlock this mysterious gate, and welcome them and the others into your life. Each one has a unique gift to offer you. Once you meet them, you will fall in love, in the deepest love you have ever known, in Divine love with all of you.


Would you like to meet the powerful radiant goddesses, which reside within your temple?


Join me beautiful, powerful woman. I AM inviting you to come be with me for a three-day journey into the realm of the Goddess Garden.


And if you are a man reading this. I honor you. Please forward this note to the women in your life – your lady, wife, mother, soul sisters, and daughters that she may know her Self more lovingly and completely, and return home as the Goddess she is incarnated to be.


10With Supreme LOVE,




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