Mastering the Art of Enrollment

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What does “enrollment”’ mean to you?


Enrollment is the art of inspiring someone to enter your map of the world and see new possibilities. It’s what happens when you influence someone to share a vision, and take purposeful action toward actualizing it, in a mutually beneficial way.


When you authentically “enroll,” you communicate in a way that is so compelling people naturally choose to align with you.


Enrollment is essential for success in all aspects of your life!
Whether you intend to enroll someone special into a romantic night out, your child into desiring to do better in school, your boss for a raise, an employee to take more ownership, or a potential client to choose you and your services – enrollment is essential to producing measurable results.


The key to enrollment is awareness, being aligned with your message, and communicating in a clear, effective way.

“Here’s a powerful distinction to master the art and science of enrollmentrecognize internal representations.


What are Internal Representations?


Internal Representations are the pictures, sounds, and feelings in your mind’s eye that create your map of reality. For example, think of your very first bicycle, as you think of it do you have a picture – the images/sounds/feelings in your mind (which have structure) come together to form your Internal Representation of bicycle. Make sense?


Here’s a quick story to illustrate:


One of my students, a lovely woman (we’ll call her Sophia), was convinced her 6-year old son had a learning disability, until she experienced a life-changing Breakthrough at SIIA (Supreme Influence In Action), my 5-day Communication Mastery and Evolved NLP course!


I was teaching internal representations. Something I said clicked. Sophia stood up and congruently declared, “BREAKTHROUGH!”


Here’s what spawned her a-ha moment.


I explained that your senses gather a vast amount of information. Then your brain codes these experiences with pictures (visual), sounds (auditory), feelings (kinesthetic), and internal dialogue  (auditory digital). These are called your “representational systems,” they are how you represent the world back to yourself in your mind. That’s why I teach: people don’t respond to reality they respond to their map of reality – until they WAKE UP!


Now most people rely more heavily on one or two “representational systems” over the others. Not being aware of this can lead to serious problems in communication.


For example, Sophia’s primary representational system was auditory; you could hear it in her choice of language. She would consistent use words like:



  • Tell me about it
  • Listen up
  • That resonates
  • I didn’t hear you
  • Sounds good to me



One day, Sophia’s son came home from school and she asked him, “What did you learn at school today?”

Her son replied, “Mommy, I touched a snake!”  



Sophia’s reply, “That’s great honey, but I’m asking what you learned; tell mommy what you learned.”


The little boy replied, “When I touched the snake it felt slimy and long!”


Sophia sternly said, “Honey I’m not asking what you did. Listen to me. I’m asking what you learned!?”


Her son responded, “Mommy, some kids were scared but it was fun! When I touched the snake it tried to slide out of my hands, but I grabbed it tight.”

Their conversation became a circle of frustration; this wasn’t the first time this type of communication had occurred. She was concerned, thinking her son may have “ADD” or “ADHD.”


Her BREAKTHROUGH in class was HUGE!


She realized that she tends to process information more auditorily (meaning she listens for what resonates or sounds correct); while her son tends to process information more kinesthetically (meaning he learns hands-on by touching and describing what he feels).  


In other words, she wasn’t aware of her communication style, and her son’s learning style. Therefore, she was not speaking into his listening!


Think about the repercussions of this…


How many teachers have a teaching style that doesn’t resonate with their students? As a result, how many children are not seen or appreciated for their unique talents.


Can you relate?


This little boy was in fact sharing what he learned at school all along, which was about snakes!




Here’s the take-away:
If you’re not communicating in a way that speaks into the listening of others, then you won’t inspire understanding. If understanding isn’t present, then enrollment won’t occur!
Beloveds, know that I’m here to support and guide you in expanding your awareness and skill, so that you communicate more effectively than ever before, with the most important people in your life. As you can see, you can’t put a pricetag on this – it’s priceless!


Think about it…. what would’ve been the cost of Sophia not integrating this learning?


If you’re committed to MASTER the art and science of effective, eloquent communication, I invite you to come to SIIA – Supreme Influence In Action. SIIA will illuminate your communication tendencies. It’ll teach you how to speak into the listening of others to evoke understanding. Understanding leads to open doors of opportunity. It’s a prerequisite for enrollment to flow with ease and grace…  


Imagine what would happen in your life if you could step into any situation, at any time, with anyone, and have the tools, skills and resources to eloquently communicate. What would your life look like? What would it feel like? That is what SIIA is all about. Join us! You’ll be grateful you did;)


To your success, and with Supreme LOVE,




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