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CONGRATULATIONS!!! to these beautiful, courageous souls who experienced NEOGENESIS (a New Beginning) this past week! #NeoGenesis6 #NEO6




AND, thank you to my most epic Supreme team and CREW who consistently and powerfully show up with a heart of service to support each student’s profound transformational process, and the unfolding of experiences that will be cherished for lifetimes. You all Rock!!!



We just returned home from one of the most magnificent experiences in the world – NEOGENESIS… at one of the most magical places on Earth – Sedona, Arizona! What a combo – a Supreme union indeed!




NeoGenesis is a 4-day spiritual retreat and journey of a lifetime. The home of NEO, our beloved Taoist retreat center, Sedona Mago, whose name means “ultimate oneness, and soul of the Earth,”  is nestled within 160 acres of red rocks. Mago is the perfect cocoon for NEO; it’s the ideal sanctuary to go within, and be given tools and loving guidance to heal past wounds, and radically change your life for the better.  




At NEO, each person present is guided to experience and embody…


  • Freedom from the past, such as healing memories, letting go of anger, transmuting fears, and dissolving emotional and mental blocks and limitations,
  • A New Beginning in life (or a certain area of life, like health, finances, direction, and/or relationships, etc.),
  • Clarity regarding core values, life direction, and choices,
  • Authentic community, and the awesome power of love, and real empowerment




If you desire freedom from the past, or clarity in the present, then, come to NEO. Your life will never be the same.




NEO is sanctuary of transformation like none other. It is a journey of alchemy that guides you to the root of whatever’s been blocking you. You’ll be guided to alchemize the lead (metaphorically, anything weighing you down; that which is heavy, such as: mental and emotional blocks) in your life, into gold (the creative embodiment of your unique talents in a way that creates value, beauty, and prosperity).




NeoGenesis creates fertile conditions for a New Beginning to birth in your life!




Here’s what happens at NEO in just 4-days…


You’ll be guided to expand your awareness and uncover the core values that have been driving your results up until now in any area of life that’s important to you.


With clear and present observation, you’ll transform disempowering patterns, and align your thoughts, words, and actions with your genuine goals, purpose, and vision.


You’ll dissolve past fear, anger and sadness; plucking them out from the root, thus recontextualizing your personal history, and inspiring a compelling present, and future.
You’ll receive tools and strategies to BREAK THROUGH limitations AND embody your infinite potential. Plus, you’ll learn how to support others on their transformational journey too.  




NeoGenesis is the perfect place to let go of (and transform) old emotions from the past like anger and fear, and experience your memories (and LIFE!) in a new, enlightening, and empowering way.




Imagine being absolutely free to love, create, and succeed in all areas of your life that you choose.




How would it feel to be crystal clear on what’s most important to you in relationships, business, and life?
What would it mean to develop clarity and strength to choose wisely in the moment, in alignment with your authentic core values?




At NeoGenesis, we uncover the underlying motivation fueling your behaviors at the deepest levels of your subconscious mind. In this space of heightened awareness, you’ll perceive yourself, others, and the world around you anew. You’ll release past blocks, and align your direction and core values, with your purpose and vision.




What would it mean for you to experience your NeoGenesis, and clear the way for your dreams to become reality?












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