Spectrum of Consciousness

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Ascending from Lower Mindscapes Into Enlightenment

Greetings, beautiful souls!

The journey from the mundane to the magnificent, from the trivial to the transcendental, is a journey through the Spectrum of Consciousness.

It’s not just ‘’mind over matter’ – it’s what kind of mind over matter. 🚀

I’m excited to dive into this conversation, from multiple angles, because understanding the spectrum of consciousness was one of the keys for me personally to break free of the shackles of anxiety/fear, and usher in my journey of transformation and empowerment.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Ancient wisdom teachings, like the Bhagavad Gita, offer profound insights into the nature of consciousness. For instance, the Gita teaches that the mind is the key to our liberation OR bondage. 

Let’s read that again: The MIND Is The Key To Our Liberation OR Bondage.

I would add that the wisdom of the heart ❤️attunes us into the former.

At 19, I studied many translations of the Bhagavad Gita, and it changed my life.

At the time, my mind was turbulent and I was doing everything to focus my attention wisely through willpower. I’d been working side-by-side with Anthony Robbins as his record-breaking Corporate Trainer, and I remember Tony would say to me:

The 2 Most Important Things In Life Are:

  • What You Focus On, and
  • The Meaning You Give to Experiences

But, what influences “what we focus on?”

How can it be that two people can go through similar experiences and one gives it a meaning that empowers them, and the other gives it a meaning that causes them to collapse into despair?

In other words, what’s the difference that makes the difference?

Ultimately, the Empowered ONE is accessing a higher (more “integral” in the words of Ken Wilber) dimension of consciousness that causes him or her to perceive differently; the disempowered one is accessing a lower realm. Simple.

Let us wisely direct our mind, instead of allowing old programming to direct us.

The Most Accurate Models

There are several models on the Spectrum of Consciousness (with varied titles), both scientific and spiritual, that can help us understand and navigate our journey wisely.

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Now, let’s get back to our topic, and I’ll share a few stories.

You may know that my parents changed religions when I was 12. I grew up Roman Catholic, then they became pentecostal. They believed that “their path was the only way to ‘God.” I had huge issues with this notion. What’s going to happen to all the Buddhist, my inquisitive 12 year old mind would ask.

Have you noticed – your greatest challenges can alchemize into your greatest gifts!

My parents’ changing religion sparked my profound spiritual quest.

I began devoutly studying every spiritual tradition on the planet. Then comparing my learnings with the latest discoveries in science. I figured out how to hack the money game so I can focus on my spiritual quest! I studied, fasted, prayed, meditated, went on pilgrimages to holy lands, sat with Enlightened Masters, sat with world-leading experts, mastered hypnosis/TimeLine Therapy, NLP/Neuro-Linguistic Programming, did mantras, yoga, seva (a Sanskrit word for “acts of service”), ceremony, psychedelics, 5-MeO-DMT/DTM, ayahuasca, became vegan, and anything else I could think of to discover how to liberate myself from anxiety and fear, and attune into higher states of awareness, so could BE happy, peaceful, present, free.

On my journey, one model I learned was when I practiced Buddhism devoutly for many years. Buddhism talks about Ten Worlds.

These worlds are not locations – they are states of consciousness.

In Buddhism the lowest world is “hell.” This is not some horrific place under the earth with fire, brimstone, and demons. It is a state of consciousness. There are people on earth living in the realm of hell, in their mind.

Above hell is the realm of “hungry ghosts,” according to Buddhism. This realm is categorized by insatiable, unfulfillable desires, like addiction and the quenchless, unconscious pursuit of “more, more, more.”

“We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make our world.”
– Buddhism

That’s just one example from a spiritual model. Now let’s explore a secular model.

One day I was with Tony Robbins, and I asked him, “what’s one of the best books you’ve read recently?” Without flinching, “Power vs. Force” (by David Hawkins’), he said. After personally reading Hawkins, I do not agree with all of his work, but find significant value in his ‘Map of Consciousness’ model, which delineates different levels of consciousness, from shame and guilt at the lowest end of the spectrum to peace, joy, and enlightenment at higher levels.

Hawkin’s model shows how the level of consciousness one is accessing, influencing their emotions, their world-view, and ultimately how they approach life.

“The experience and knowledge of the existence of the Creator
within oneself are the ultimate state of consciousness.”
– David Hawkins

There are other models to consider, such as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and more. We’ll go deeper into this exploration this month in our membership program (as I mentioned above). So, read to the end, because I’m going to give you a Special Code to join this illuminating session as my VIP guest.

Applying the Wisdom

Here’s a few simple suggestions for accessing higher states of consciousness:

  • BE even more aware: recognize your current level of consciousness
  • Become the Observer: observe the phenomena of existence with awe, wonder and curiosity
  • Take Wise Action: Implement practices that will help you ascend, such as meditation, self-reflection, and acts of kindness

Remember, the journey is as important as the destination. So, savor each moment, each insight, and each breakthrough.

I’ll give you more power practices for accessing higher states of consciousness in a moment ago, so stay tuned!

Join the Journey

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Can’t wait to share the best of what I’ve discovered on the topic of “Consciousness” to empower you in living purposefully, powerfully, and lovingly.

Here’s to YOU Accessing Higher States of Consciousness!

With all my love and light,

Niurka 💖

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  1. Thank you for the consistent Value you deliver to direct our minds wisely and purposefully to live a successful and fulfilling life. XOXO

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