Winter Solstice Ritual: A Wonderful Time for Integrating Lessons & Ushering In The New Year

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Enjoy this Winter Solstice Ritual.
It will Empower You to Reflect & Integrate 2023's Greatest Lessons.
Step Into the New Year with Clear Vision, Courage & Confidence!


The Winter Solstice is here! 

Astronomically, it marks the 1st day of winter.

It’s the longest night and short day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

This is a magical time of "in between."

Winter brings a different energy than summer, spring or fall.

It's a season of quiet, tranquil, contemplation.

It's a wonderful time to pause and journey deep within...

A Wonderful Time To Journey Deep Within

To explore the labyrinth of our soul, psyche, and true nature...
...who we are
...where we've come from
...what we've discovered
...what we've learned along the way, and
...what we vision and WILL to manifest in the in this coming year.

This is an ideal time to reflect, especially for 3 purposes:

  • To reflect, and learn from the past... with gratitude
  • To integrate the lessons in our hearts, minds, and souls
  • To crystalize our clear, vivid, vision inspired through our Highest Self for the New Year to come

Winter Solstice is one of my favorite days!

The word “Solstice” comes from the Latin “sol,” which means sun, and “sistere,” which means to stand still. 

On December 23rd our Sun (Sol), the Light... begins its return.

Many cultures around the world have revered this as a sacred time of rebirth.

In a few days, it will be... Merry Christmas, honoring the birth of Yeshua (Jesus). 

Are you ready to... go within... to align our intentions and vibration to:

  • Integrate learnings
  • Deepen our wisdom and understanding
  • Bring old patterns or habits to completion 
  • Bask in reverence for the gift of life
  • Create space for new, exciting beginnings in the coming year

Would you like a few suggestions to enrich your Winter Solstice experience tonight? 

Would you like a Winter Solstice ritual, a power practice that will inspire you to receive the full benefits of the (holiday / holy-day) energy that is present right now in the turning of the seasons.

Ritual To Align With The Wisdom Of Winter Solstice

Here we go…

  • BE OPEN and available to Receive Insights during this magical time.

  • Clear space for you to comfortably sit in contemplation and reflection.

  • Enjoy a cleansing bath. As you do, have clear intention: that the water cleanses, not only your body, also your mind. May it purify your soul, and the energies of the past. Feel the water renewing your body temple, mind, heart, emotions, and consciousness.

  • Light a new candle with clear intention: may Light illuminate darkness, revealing new insight, learning, greater wisdom and understanding.

  • Burn your favorite incense with clear intention: may your prayers be carried up to heaven, heard and actualized even greater than your can imagined.

  • This is a wonderful time to meditate and write. Use a special pen and journal.

  • Sit tall, elongate your spine, open your heart.

  • Inhale 3 deep, rejuvenating breaths.

  • Expand your awareness into the periphery.

  • Tune in to all you are grateful for. Feel gratitude and love in your heart.

  • With Reverence, recognize the ONENESS flowing in, as, and through all existence. Notice... the same Life Force breathing you is breathing every ONE. You and the Divine are ONE.

  • Offer up a prayer of Awe, Affirmation, Gratitude and Blessings.

  • In your mind: see, hear, feel yourself being completely LOVED and LIBERATED. 

  • Celebrate your Accomplishments (BIG and small) this year with enthusiasm.

  • See, hear and feel yourself Learning, Growing, Evolving.

  • Observe with curiosity and compassion, your greatest challenges this past year. Observe them... as if you were watching them on a black-and-white movie screen.

  • Ask yourself, am I ready to Let Go of these old patterns? Right here and now, fully, completely, within every cell of my being, and allow something new to be born? Notice how easy it is to Let Go when you know something better is emerging.

  • Now, consider... What is there to learn? FOCUS on Learnings. What are the Gifts buried within the challenges? In the presence of the learnings, the gifts, you have become clearer than ever before about Who You Are (and who you are not) and what your Vision, Mission, and Purpose Is To Be Fulfilled in this Life. Honor the Lessons as you tune in to the Rhythm of your Soul.

  • This is THE Moment to Become Clearer than Ever Before!

  • Write down your New Lessons and turn them into Guiding Principles for wise decision making moving forward. State them in the Affirmative — as Declarations.


  • Go into Nature. Put your bare feet on the ground, on Mother Earth. Gaze up to the Stars; notice the bright constellations.
  • Vividly (in your mind’s eye) See, Hear, and Feel yourself living as you intend to live, becoming who you intend to become. Go to the Zenith of Infinite Possibility. Think BIG! Feel It. Taste It. Smell it. Make the colors richer, brighter, even more vivid!

  • At the Peak of your Grand Vision, say YES!!!

  • Inhale 3 deep breaths.

  • See yourself taking bold, purposeful action toward Bright New Beginnings. Notice... what actions are you taking specifically? What state of being are you in while you are taking action? See it clearly in your mind's eye. 

  • FEEL Joy, Enthusiasm and Momentum!

  • See, Hear and Feel Your Vision Accomplished — Know it is Done in the Heart and Mind of GOD✨

In this month of December, we celebrate Sagittarius, the archer.

Like the archer shooting an arrow up to the stars...

Shoot the Arrow of your Highest Intent!

Shoot the Arrow of your Hearts Dreaming, your Soul's Desire into the Field of Infinite Possibilities knowing that — at the Quantum Level — All is Connected.

Taking Consistent, Focused, Purposeful Action Is The Key

Then take focused, consistent action in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Feel Gratitude in Your Heart Knowing the Fulfillment of Your Desires (or something Even Greater) Is Coming to you take consistent, focused, purposeful action!


Believe In Miracles.

Believe In Infinite Possibility.

Believe In The Magic Of The Holiday Season.

Believe YOUR Time Is Now!

We Are Entering The New Year!

Your BELIEFS Have Power!!!

NOW Take Wise Action.

Learn from your actions. Integrate the learnings. Grow. Evolve. Innovate. Repeat.

Lmk your thoughts in the comments below. Love to hear about your Winter Solstice.❤️

Happy Holidays, Blessed Winter Solstice, and Merry Christmas!

With Love,


PS: Leave me a comment below. Share with me how you chose to spend this magical time. 🙂 And, be sure to share this Winter Solstice message with your friends on social media. They’ll be grateful you did!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve never practiced rituals for winter solstice… excited to start now 💕

  2. Great to wake up and read this… live the Magic if the Universe and the way it guides me to what I should do today! Would love to share this rituals w my friends… giving you of course 100% credit! Can I? Would that be OKFeliz Navidad Niurka! Muchos besos

  3. I’m so glad I took the time to go outside barefoot and stargaze. It was so beautiful and felt the most magical on this night 🙂

  4. I am so grateful for your teachings and the reminders of how we can connect and be connected with nature. My daily ritual has always been already to be stepping outside to my back yard and enjoy standing barefoot in the grass. 🙂 For me, it’s a great feeling to be connected with mother earth!! 🙂 I will add on all your suggestions Niurka. Thanks again for sharing your wisdome.

  5. This is phenomenal. I look forward to doing all of this with the addition of fire. I love the winter solstice and you just gave it so much more depth and meaning. Thank you 🙏

  6. These practices are amazing way to end 2023 and start 2024. Great rituals to incorporate in to enrich our lives. Thank you so much for this!

  7. Have never practiced a ritual for Winter Solstice before. Love the idea! Would love to! So glad this showed up on my feed today! Definitely going to share on my feed if that is OK! Think maybe it would be a blessing to others that may see if on my feed, with credit to you of course! Thank you for sharing this. Much appreciated.

  8. Thank you Niurka and all the ladies who met in June…. It truly was the BEST and MOST LOVING retreat I was on all year…..❤️Love to you❤️‼️🙋🏻‍♀️

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