A Meditation Technique to Clear Your Mind & Energize Your Body

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I am inspired to gift you with a meditation that will support you in being even more centered, clear, and empowered.


This meditation technique will help you if you have been feeling stressed, unfocused, or perhaps a bit scattered. Or if you have given away your power to a situation, or person.


Or perhaps you are ready to rise to your next level.


This meditation will clear your mind, and energize your body.


Here are 5 keys to prepare for your meditation:

– Go into a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes

– Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the ground

– Your spine erect, jaw relaxed, and your heart center open

– Your palms facing downward on your lap

– Begin breathing rhythmically


Enjoy watching the video. I encourage you to practice the meditation technique, and observe the results. Let me know of your experience. You can connect with me on my blog at Niurkainc.com, and facebook.com/Niurkainc


This meditation is powerful – like YOU!

It builds in stages. You have just learned phase 1. You can learn and practices all phases of this meditation together with me (& more!!!) at my live course Supreme Influence in Action.


Until I see you, hopefully face to face, remember, …


One person’s awakening elevates the consciousness of the planet – YOU are the One!

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