Core Values: The Hidden Determinants Driving Your Business & Life

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The most direct route to Transforming Your Business and Life with velocity is to align with who you authentically are at the core.

What do I mean by that?  

It’s your automatic “go-to” (default position) when situations come up in life that require Action or Decision. These are known as…your Core Values. They drill down to what really matters to you on a gut level.

HI. Niurka here. I have one question for you… Are you (beyond) ready to Reimagine Your Life, or at least make some tweaks that will pivot you onto a totally different trajectory just by a mere shift that may seem inconsequential but can actually Impact Your Destiny? And do it with Speed and Impact?

Reimagine Your Life

This is precisely the training that I gave Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz that empowered them to Quantum Leap and become the #1 Mercedes-Benz Dealer in the World, and the #2 dealer of all dealers in the US (all makes and models)! How?!

By aligning corporate decision making (throughout all departments) and business practices with a clear set of Guiding Principles inspired by Authentic Core Values.

Why do I say “authentic” core values?

Because…this is NOT about putting fancy words on a plaque!

This isn’t about what you wish your values were… but rather uncovering what they really are…based on what’s been showing up!

Uncovering authentic core values is a process of deep, honest inquiry that looks into the source of RESULTS – decision-making, beliefs, core values.

Core Values Elicitation Exercise at NeoGenesis

This is the process that I carefully guide at my 4-day transformational course NeoGenesis.

It’s the foundation of lasting TRANSFORMATION.

Jennifer Jones, president/CEO of production company Media Street, shares in her TedX talk, Unleashing Your Core Values, that service, gratitude, love and integrity are her top four personal core values.

The basis of her talk is to ask these questions:

Do you know who you really are…
What you stand for, and…
What is fundamental to your personal DNA?

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, cites the company’s core values that they LIVE, and reinforce:

1. Members come first.
2. Relationships matter.
3. Be open, honest and constructive.
4. Demand excellence.
5. Take intelligent risks.
6. Act like an owner.

Although these are business-centric, I’m sure you can relate to some of these values in your personal life, right?

Gary Vaynerchuk shares the values he appreciates:

1. He is a humongous fan of patience.
2. Word is bond.
3. On the flip side of keeping your word, is someone who is nimble and empathetic.
4. Being grateful.

Whether it’s personal or business, or the many other relationships in your life, Core Values are The Underlying Motivation Influencing Your Decisions and Driving Your Results.  

Core Values are the underlying motivation Influencing Your Decisions & Driving Your Results.

They are the Guiding Principles that Dictate our Behaviors and Actions. They help us determine what is right and what is wrong for us, on an individual basis.

Do you know who you really are?  Have you taken the time to Identify and embrace your Core Values?  If this resonates with YOU, let’s get to work with some simple questions.

Begin by inhaling a deep breath with hand on heart. As you let it out, reach deep within your soul and come from a place of total honesty and an open mind.


What’s been showing up…
Based on where you’ve been investing your time, energy and resources… What has been most important to you?

These point to your core values? Not necessarily the ones that sound nice; or ones from external sources such as your parents or teachers, who told you the “principles” you must live by. Have you noticed any gaps between what you’ve been professing all these years and what’s actually been guiding you? What are the top 3 to 5 that your internal compass automatically takes you to?

What Words define your life and who you are? That define what is truly important to you?

What is at your core?  How do you know?

Where do you go when faced with that tough decision?  
Step away from your brain – the intellectual – and tune into your heart and soul. Whether you realize it or not, some deeper essence has been guiding you all along. Something Divine.

What are those sacred truths that no matter what happens, no matter the situation, they don’t change? You instinctually go there, because it is who you are?

Contemplating the questions above is a simple process that begins scratching the surface of who you are. There’s much more to discover about who you are and what you stand for.

I’m inspired to hear from you! Leave me a comment at the bottom of the blog with Your top 3 Core Values and how they’ve been guiding principles in your life. Your words are important and have power to inspire others to look deeper into what’s driving their life and how they too can show up even more powerfully in the world.

To really peel back the layers and deeply identify the values that will Change the Direction of your Life Forever, join me in the cultural paradise of Ashland, Oregon on May 30-June 2 for NeoGenesis…for New Beginnings…YOUR New Beginnings.  

At NeoGenesis, we will discover what fuels your behavior at the deepest level of your subconscious mind. In this space of awareness, you’ll perceive yourself, others and the world with fresh eyes and energy, releasing unresourceful patterns that no longer serve you.
When we identify the underlying motivation that drives our results, it Liberates us to Lead a Life of Purpose and Fulfillment.


NeoGenesisis a 4-day transformational experience that will guide you to create a new beginning in any area of life that you choose. This is a journey of alchemy that empowers you to let go of the past and clear the way for you to powerfully step into your brilliant future now with purpose, joy and passion.

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It’s time for the Phoenix within YOU to Rise.

To your Success, and with LOVE,

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