Epic Stories in Fort Lauderdale Supreme Influence Event

Epic Stories in Fort Lauderdale: Supreme Influence 1-Day Event

Epic Stories in Fort Lauderdale: Supreme Influence 1-Day Event


One student in particular touched my heart with his story at this weekend’s epic event in Fort Lauderdale. He was a 16 year old young man with brown wavy hair, and a sweet smile who approached me during several breaks. He said, “My mom dragged me here. I didn’t want to come. Last week I almost ran away from home.”


Now I’m here, hearing your story, seeing you on stage,…and you ran away from home when you were 15!” He shared how deeply moved he was by the similarities in our upbringing, and how empowered he felt knowing that despite my early challenges I had found the way to live in my power and purpose. “I really need to go to your course,” he said. My team spoke with his mom and we found a way to have him join us for NeoGenesis in Sedona. He’s so excited (and so are we)!

It’s awesome seeing young people committed to breaking through challenges, and creating an extraordinary life! I’ve been there, and I remember how tough it can seem. But I remember Tony Robbins use to say to me, “Niurka, there’s always a way when you’re committed!” And so it is.


Another woman stood up; she took the microphone. She was deeply moved by the power of community, and shared how she had just made a new friend during the previous exercise. She was surprised to see how much she had in common with this new friend. AND, she had a major breakthrough during the experience.


She shared, “I just realized something significant. My whole life, since I was a little girl, I was taught I needed to be strong. I always portrayed confidence on the outside, but deep down on the inside it wasn’t real. I was scared of getting hurt, scared of not being good enough.” As she shared, a smile beamed across her face. The exercise caused her to see her life from a different perspective; it gave her an enlightened point of view. And in this new awareness she found her authentic voice and confidence. And it was evident in her posture, and choice of language.

I can go on and on with the moving stories from this weekend. I’ll share one more:)


At the end of the day I felt inspired to do a raffle. My team brought 2 gift bags to the stage filled with books, cd’s, and other goodies. I spoke on the power of giving, and how the best feeling in the world is giving from your heart. I set the stage for the raffle, saying that the person who wins would get 2 gift bags – one for themselves, and one to gift to any other person in the room.

In the back of the room was a 10-year old boy who had been playing full out all day. I called on him saying, “Would you like to be the one to pick the winner?” He smiled and skipped to the front of the stage.

Drum Roll please….



He reached in and picked a name. The winner, an energetic man, ran up to front and gave the boy a huge hug, and said, “The CREW is so awesome! I’m going to give my gift to one of your crew members.”

Then the boy reached in the basket to pick the second winner. He twirled his hand through all the cards, and lo-and-behold, he picked his own name! The audience WOWED! People started screaming, “Pick me, pick me!”

He took the gift bag and scanned the room. Then, he walked over to a woman who had shared of overcoming a terminal illness, and how she didn’t feel supported by family during this time. He smiled at her, and handed her the gift.

The power of LOVE uplifted everyone present.

Then, I had the joy of sharing the LOVE with my family-of-birth and team.Niurka Fort Lauderdale Supreme InfluenceHarbor Beach Marriott Supreme Influence

Mami, Papi, my brother, cousins, and Cuban kin all played in the pool and took a journey to South Beach. A flood a flashbacks came back, as I remembered my early years on the streets of Miami. But those stories I will share another time.


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For now, know that I am devoted and inspirited to bring YOU the most profound life-changing tools and technology so that you may live the life you were truly meant to live. That’s why I created the 1-day SUPREME INFLUENCE event, AND that’s why I’m traveling across the country.


Because I believe in you, and know that you have an important mission to accomplish in this life. No one else can fulfill your mission but YOU. The world will become better, richer, more sustainable (and more fun!) as you embody your potential, and share your authentic creations transcendent of fear.


This is living in Supreme Influence.

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For Lauderdale… I’ll be back!