The Hidden Blueprint Driving Your Life

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We have all inherited a “Blueprint.”

Watch this impactful video on… The Hidden Blueprint Driving Your Life

This “mind Blueprint” influences every decision you make. It drives your life until you wake up and realize… wait a minute! I have freedom to choose, and power to create my life by design.

This “Blueprint” influences your relationships, the health of your body, it determines the amount of money in your bank account, the opportunities that are, and are not available to you, and your overall way of being, well being, and life condition.

How you experience life in every moment is driven by this behind the scenes “blueprint” that you had little say so in designing. Most psychologists agree, this “blueprint” was set before age 7. Scientifically we know these “blueprints” are carried down genealogically – you’ve inherited them from your ancestors.


Everyday, life presents you with countless instances that require you to form evaluations, and to take actions.

This “Blueprint” acts as a safety mechanism that does the deciding for you. It – IS – the voice in your head. Without it you’d be inundated with first instance feelings, emotions, and decisions, and you wouldn’t be able to handle the load.

This “blueprint” is kept locked in a vault that you can not easily access. Why? Because it’s subconscious – meaning, it’s outside your awareness. You never really know the full contents of this blueprint, or how it was designed, other than by observing and intuiting.

It’s precisely this absence of awareness that causes old patterns to perpetuate.

This inherited blueprint is made up of an accumulation of rules, judgments, opinions, fears, anxieties, and directives that were planted by your parents, your culture, your peers, teachers, the media, religion, and everyone else who’s had any say in your life. These are NOT people you’d hire today to give you advice, nor guide or mentor you. In many instances, they’re delivering “fake news,” arising from false premises.

There are severe consequences to not reconstructing your mind blueprint.

The cost is settling, compromising; it’s living a life out of alignment with the heights of what’s possible for you. The cost is enduring a roller coaster of emotions that lead to sabotaging relationships and missed opportunities.

Can you relate?

I invite you to observe with curiosity…

On closer examination, for many, the metaphor is that they’ve forgotten. This is part of the human condition. It’s the classic – Hero’s Journey. You forget; then you remember.

What did you forget?

Who you really are, your creative powers, and why you are here.


Because once you get THAT … and own THAT – All things become possible. And, matter will yield to your intent.

In the absence of clear, present awareness and embodiment of your true SELF, you succumb to become the puppet, dangling on strings, removed from the fullness of what’s available to you.

And the programmed inherited voice – the little “I” – has become the puppeteer.

Have you ever caught yourself being driven by the conditioning of the past?

The difference is now… YOU are aware.


Anytime you find yourself being the puppet … allowing someone or something to pull your “strings” and influence your STATE of MIND, or emotions, it only serves as a reminder to Wake Up! REALIZE … YOU are the puppeteer – Not the puppet. YOU are the master architect who designs the blueprint for your life. You are the One with freedom to choose and power to create.


Now …. in the realm of infinite possibility…. What will you call forth?

I’d love to hear from you.

I’m in the process of developing our first online course  … and I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a note in the comments section.

Let me know … if you could change one aspect of your mind blueprint right now what would it be? Or how have you changed your mind blueprint? Or what have you been challenged changing?  Let me a note in the comments section.

I’ll take your thoughts to heart. My mission in developing this online course is to make it very real for you, based on what you’re currently navigating … your challenges, your goals, your fears, and your wildest dreams. So leave me a comment.

I’m inspired to be in your radiant presence soon, supporting you in crafting the ultimate mind blueprint that calls forth the manifestation of your most magnificent life. 

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