Masters of Supreme Influence: An Evolved NLP Master Practitioner Training Course

I am so excited to announce…


We just completed the first Masters Of Supreme Influence, our newest course, exclusive for graduates of SIIA and NeoGenesis!


Congratulations and Thank You to our Founding Masters Class 1!


It was an inspiration to be in a room with extraordinary leaders devoted to evolving their life and life’s work to Mastery.


Because it was epically powerful, I’d love to share a few highlights.


Each person walked away with integrated understanding of Supreme Influence, and techniques of evolved NLP, hypnosis, and advanced language skills, plus a new set of strategies and best practices to guide others (and themselves) through life-changing transformational processes.


For example, for the first time ever on-stage, we witnessed a student elegantly guiding another through an advanced exercise to break an old habit on the spot.


Each student embodied the teachings at a higher level than ever before!


Imagine being in a room of curious experts in varying fields authentically taking action toward Mastery all while knowing the journey is infinite!


To make matters even more fun, the group was incredibly diverse! Imagine being with doctors, entrepreneurs, a former F16 fighter pilot, healers, spiritual teachers, yogis, life coaches, a geologist who wrote a book about the Universe, and more!


I taught brand new, never-before-experienced techniques, such as Genius Integration,… I’ll tell you more about that one later 🙂


We had a blast! It’d be awesome if you would come next year!
Each morning we were inspired by sunrise Yoga followed by Tai Chi led by a doctor of Chinese medicine.


We enjoyed meaningful conversation, soaked in the healing waters of the Grotto, and lounged together at group Movie Nights. 

We even had a bonus teaching on the Native American Medicine Wheel. And, we enjoyed a spontaneous Talent Show made up of skits, poetry, singing, and dancing… it was hilariously impressive!


As if it couldn’t get any better… we were gifted a surprise teaching by one of our beloved students, Master Marilag Mendoza, one of the world’s 9 original Pranic Healers, who blessed us with an interactive, advanced teaching on Pranic Healing!


Socrates said, “Wisdom begins in wonder.”


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