NeoGenesis: Transcending Fear & Aligning Core Values

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NeoGenesis 2015


Every student at NeoGenesis transcended anger, sadness, and fear from their past, and aligned their core values with their purpose!


I’m inspired to share some powerful moments from our 4-day course in Sedona – NeoGenesis.


In Greek the word “Neo” means new, and “Genesis” means beginning.

This course guides you to create a new beginning in any area of life you choose.

The symbol of NeoGenesis is the Phoenix.

As the legend goes, the Phoenix dies and recreates itself anew–rising again with the energy of rebirth and renewal.


One young woman shared: “Coming here I knew what I wanted to work on. My big issue, that I was ready to let go of, was struggling with finances. I thought I was coming to breakthrough this block and make lots and lots of money…”


Through the process, we discovered her block surrounding money was rooted in her genealogy. Her mother had struggled and been “really upset about the lack of finances.”

She said, “I was angry at money because it was hurting my mother…”


NeoGenesis: SedonaReleasing deep subconscious programs that may be holding you back is essential to powerfully move forward, and create a life filled with prosperity, purpose, and love.

She wiped her tears, owned the stage and said in a strong, unwavering voice:

“I was feeling angry about money, but I realized it’s not my anger. I let it go and I’m not angry any more!” 




Another instance, the youngest student (of 16 years) had a BREAKTHROUGH on day four, he stood strong and proud:

“In the past, I used to hesitate… my mind would talk me out of taking action…like standing on stage talking to you like I am right now… but not any more! From now on… I’m just gonna go for it!” 

And so it is.



Another woman had not honored her body temple—unhealthy diet, smoking, little or no exercise… until her BREAKTHROUGH!

We all witnessed this woman’s body language transform before our very eyes – her face lit up with a beautiful smile as she declared:

“I feel like a different person! I’m leaving here a NON-SMOKER!”

Immediately the room erupted into a standing ovation! There were countless moments like this…



What if you knew the area that challenges you the most is where the greatest opportunity is for your evolution?


Old patterns will keep showing up until you learn something new.


At NeoGenesis, each student discovers the root cause of reoccurring negative emotions and limiting beliefs. They’re guided to observe memories from a new perspective – a dissociated point of view. This expanded awareness allows them to dissolve old habits, releasing pain that for some had been stored for decades, in light of newfound understanding.


Why is NeoGenesis so effective?


Why is NeoGenesis so Effective?


Because the process is designed to guide you, step-by-step, to ensure you integrate life-changing insights. Plus, the level of trust, safety, and love in the room created a vibe that opens hearts, and inspires authentic sharing that leads to profound BREAKTHROUGHS and New Beginnings!


A few words from the amazing students:


“If he leaves, I’m Okay!”


“I feel so valuable, I am a beautiful woman!”


“I am the master of my own path!” 


A room full of radiant people transcended fear, anger, and sadness from their souls in just 4 days.


Dancing at NeoGenesisWe danced, we sang, we cried, and hugged each other…


Then we danced some more! 😉


Saturday night, we gathered underneath the stars for a ceremony where limiting beliefs and old values were literally burned in the fire! Our Crew Leader and I twirled in alignment with the Sedona vortexes, with rings of fire spinning around our bodies…in celebration of the magical process of rebirth!



Our journey came to completion with the full blood moon eclipse rising over our temple at Sedona Mago.


After the truck was packed up, we headed down the bumpy dirt road, back to civilization. To families, homes, work…


For the people who came together in Sedona, returning home was lighter, different… with new core values, transformed attitudes, improved outlooks, unbridled enthusiasm and optimism!


NeoGenesis Group Photo


New members of our tribe… forever changed. Like the phoenix… reborn, full of freedom, joy, love and fulfillment!


This is why I AM here:


My life’s work inspires conscious transformation. This journey empowers you to embody your unique potential.


This is living in Supreme Influence.


Join us for our next NeoGenesis in Sedona.


To your success with Supreme Love,


Niurka ❤



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