The Deeper Meaning of “The Fool” & The Power of Archetypes

Today, on April Fool’s Day, I’m inspired to share the deeper meaning of “The Fool,” and how this intelligence can Empower Your Life with greater Freedom, Playfulness and Influence.

Imagine confidently communicating – with any person, in any situation – with an AIR of panache that transcends resistance. This is just one of the many powers of… The Fool.

“The Fool” offers Wisdom that can Quantum Leap Your Life.

The Deeper Meaning of “The Fool” & The Power of Archetypes

In ancient wisdom traditions, The Fool is a powerful archetype.

The word “archetype” means original pattern.

Carl Jung defined archetypes as “forms or images of a collective nature, which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths, and at the same time as autochthonous individual products of unconscious origin.”

In other words… Archetypes emerge from our collective unconscious.

Examples of archetypes include: hero, warrior, king, mother, wounded child, rebel, lover, mentor, priestess, healer, advocate, artist, mystic, scientist, guru, magician… The Fool…
ou get the picture. 🙂

We see archetypes embodied in film, mythology, fiction, stories, the world’s religions, the framework of society and…in our own lives.

Archetypes speak to our soul because…

They are templates in consciousness that are…within US ALL!!!

They are primordial. They’re part of your psyche and they have Light and Shadow expressions. They give rise to form and are patterns for creation and manifestation.

Get curious…

Which archetypes have you been embodying and expressing throughout your life?

The Athlete
The Shaman
The Warrior
The Addict
The Sidekick
The Magician
The…Queen or King

Which Archetypes are most familiar to you?

Working with archetypes empowers you to discover your life’s patterns, lessons and gifts.

And this Empowers YOU to Step Out of Your Old Self and…

Re-Create Your Self Anew…by Design. You can discover even more about the power of working with archetypes in my LIVE courses.

For now…let’s explore the deeper meaning of The Fooland how this archetype can Empower Your Life.

Imagine a Court Jester allowed entry into royal settings and the most powerful circles. This “Fool” entertains Kings and Courts with outrageous acts while intentionally communicating messages with an AIR of panache, and so, he bypasses analytical filters, and his message is received, without resistance.

How valuable is this SKILL?!

Are you starting to see the power of applying The Fool’s wisdom to your business and life?

According to mythology, The Fool transcends ideas of being insulted. He is never clouded by criticism, judgement, or negative reactions of others.

AND…this is Essential Wisdom for US All…

To Rise Above.
To Transcend.
To Become Immune to the criticisms of others.

In ancient traditions, such as Kabbalah, The Fool corresponds to the number ZERO, the first letter of the hebrew alphabet, Aleph, and the first Key or card in the Tarot.

Zero represents Absolute Unity – the One Reality.

Guru Singh says, “by using the Key of the Fool, you’re speaking the universal non-differentiating language of eloquence.”

The Fool Reminds Us

The Fool REMINDS Us to…

  • Breakthrough Rules or Perceived Limitations of our Past
  • Experience Freedom & Liberation that is the Source of our Existence
  • Tap into our Inner Source of Infinite Creativity & Power
  • Go Above & Beyond our Personality & Analytical Mind
  • Recognize our Potential Is Infinite
  • BE Light, Be Whimsy, Have Fun!
  • Live with AWE & Wonder

The Fool reminds us to attune with the mysterious, ineffable, life-giving consciousness flowing in, as and through all existence. Living this way is… INSPIRING.

You know that feeling when you think you’re about to WIN something AWESOME for FREE!

Well… You can have that feeling and live that way every day… No Matter What…as you come into harmonic resonance with…The Wise Fool, the Infinite Source of Pure Freedom & Creative Power.

Are you Excited to Enjoy the Numinous Journey?!

I’m EXCITED to hear from You in the comments below and connect!

Here’s to being Playfully, Powerfully Present!

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

With LOVE,