The Formula for Manifesting Your Vision

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Skyrocket Traditional “Goal Setting” to a Whole New Level &
Accelerate Your Power to Successfully Create Your Life by Design

Get ready to…skyrocket traditional goal setting…

This potent formula for manifesting your vision will ignite your motivation to take bold, wise action. It’ll empower you to achieve your goals rapidly, and manifest successful results.

Actually, let’s forget about “setting goals” altogether for a moment.

Instead, let’s consider…and vividly imagine…

Viscerally stepping into your most magnificent life…

If you could experience or create anything this new year what would it be?

What’s most important to you?

What do you desire…deep down? Freedom…happiness? Fulfilling work that produces prosperity? Do you desire intimacy, a powerful partnership, passionate sacred love, or all of the above? Do you want to transform a problem? Perhaps stop settling for less than what you know you are capable of? Do you want to feel lean, vital, and energized? Be the most tuned in, amazing parent to your beautiful child? Build your dream home? Travel the world?

If you had a magic wand and could wave it to manifest your goals and heart’s vision instantly, what would you call forth? Who would you become?

What if I told you that you have power to achieve all these experiences, and more?

There is a power deep within you, that when tapped and developed, will strengthen you to accomplish incredible things!

This formula will assist you in accomplishing your grandest goals and most extravagant visions!

Let’s explore this essential formula:

Observe “What Is” With Courage…and See Through it Into “What Could Be.”

Look around at your circumstances and results. How are you being? What are you doing? What has shown up, in your health, bank account, relationships, business, and your overall quality of life?

Pause for a moment…observe your results.

Does your life mirror what you value and desire?

Regardless of “what is”…you can activate your will to transform any circumstance.

Whatever appears as a problem, courageously face it (with a sense of expanded awareness), and you will discover how to alchemize it.

See through “what is” (i.e. the status quo, problems, challenges) into “what could be.”

“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be
fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling
of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

It takes vision and courage to see through what is into what could be.

If you look at a cord of wood, you don’t see its potential as fire with your physical eyes. You must transcend the obvious and look from a deeper place.

Discovering the magical realm requires vision and a process. Extracting fire from wood requires both vision and intelligent action.

In the presence of “what is” – if you experience destructive emotions (like anger or fear), welcome these frequencies and transmute them into fuel.

Gandhi observed injustice (“what was”) without looking away, and transmuted the anger
rampaging his being into the evolutionary impulse which led India to independence, inspiring freedom and non-violent movements for civil rights globally.

In Buddhism, this process is known as “hendoku-iyak,”, or transforming poison into medicine

Teleport Into The Vision That You Intend to Create and/or Experience

What do you will to create or experience?

It’s imperative that you activate a clear vision in your mind. The word ‘imperative’ has its root in an Latin verb meaning, “to set in order.” Having a clear objective gives you direction and harmonizes your life with a sense of order. Hopes and wishes are faint.

A genuine vision guides intelligent action.

Be specific with your vision…but not too specific, so you don’t get tunnel vision. Be specific at the level of core essence. If you’re calling in your Soul Mate love, for example, don’t say, “He’s 6”4, dark hair, blue eyes, strong build, sweet, successful, and his name is Francisco.” Tune in to the essence of your genuine desires. Focus on the most essential qualities of your Beloved (and your qualities together as a hot couple) …then teleport yourself viscerally (in consciousness) right into the lair of love. Attune your vibration with your vision. Experience the journey from within. Meow! ; )

Check In. Ensure You’re Aligned. Does Any Part of You Object?

Check in with yourself to ensure that your vision is congruently aligned within every cell.

I’ll often see a person who consciously wants something, but subconsciously they have hidden blueprints and beliefs that influence their perception, decisions, and actions to the contrary.

My Life’s Work guides people to freedom and power by intentionally reconstructing these hidden blueprints, so they let go of the past, or anything that has kept them stuck looping old patterns of thought and behavior.

Here are a few suggestions for checking in:

    • Your vision does not infringe upon the will of another
    • It feels good to you
    • It is a unique expression of your unique talents
    • There are multiple ways to achieve it
    • It is self-initiated and self-maintained. (i.e., you are not dependent on any one person or thing for its accomplishment)
  • No part of you objects to experiencing or materializing it
    NOTE: if part of you does object. There is likely “secondary gain”, which means that part of you is subconsciously holding on to an old pattern or habit because it’s linking some form of benefit. We’ll explore more about transcending “secondary gain” in future blogs. It’s one of the core teachings of my Signature Courses, SIIA and NeoGenesis.
Vividly Amplify – See, Hear, Feel, Breathe Your Vision Accomplished

Now you are ready to begin forming, coloring, energizing, and breathing life into your crystal-clear yet brilliantly abstract multi-dimensional vision.

How will you know when you’re living your vision?

Think of the end result as if it is accomplished now. Focus on the essence of your vision, without getting caught up in having it materialize any particular way. Remember, there are countless ways to fulfill a vision. Be open and flexible.

Pause…go into a private place. Inhale a breath, close your eyes and activate your vision. Observe the pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, and tastes in your mind. Amplify all of your senses…bigger, brighter, crisper, clearer – turn up the volume, feel it in your bones and loins. Make sure you are looking out through your own eyes. Magnify and intensify the experience until you slip into a timeless realm. You are not bound by time nor space. You are in eternity, and the Creative Powers are within you.

Now, with certainty and without attachment, focus your attention and concentration.

Next, double the intensity – feel the energy spinning within you. Feel it flowing up and down your spine like a fluid figure eight. The moment will come when you know…it is accomplished. Feel gratitude, and step into your creation.

Declare Your Vision Manifest With Authority & Know It Is Done

At the moment your vision peaks -in that instant- speak it into existence. Vocalize that which is already done in your mind. Be bold; be succinct. Speak with authority and concentration.

You must be single-minded in focus. Fuel your word with your energetic intent. See your vision projected onto the canvas of life. Declare it done. Then, release it; allow it to be.

Research: Discover Frameworks For Success, Then Evolve it Through Your Unique Talents

Seek out, research and learn from the successes of others. Who do you know that is a model of possibility? Who is creating success in your industry in a way that captivates you? Who is on the frontier of your field?

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

There are role models all around you. Reach out to them with an offering, a gift, a letter, a testimonial, a post. Something heartfelt and thoughtful that shows your appreciation and your understanding of who they are. Be patient. If they don’t respond, get playful and approach them differently, and creatively.

Once you immerse yourself and fully grasp the frameworks of success employed by genuine Masters, you can then spice it up and evolve it through your unique talents and creativity.

Define A Short-Term Milestone to Achieve in Next 1-2 Weeks… 30, 60, 90 Days…

What is the first, most important milestone you intend to accomplish in the next week?
What specific results do you intend to complete in the next 30 days?

Defining and taking action to complete short-term “milestones” sets you up for success. It positions you to accumulate little successes that lead to BIG successes.

Consider, what milestones can you complete in the next week to powerfully catapult you toward your intended result?

Maybe your plan is to start a new business…The first milestone, would be to clarify your core mission, vision and values. The second milestone would be to determine the product and/or services that you’ll be offering, who you’ll be offering them to, the conversations you’ll be having, and your pricing structure. Each of these milestones build upon the previous — creating momentum.

These measurable steps are prerequisites to bring your goals out of the realm of ideas — into manifestation!

A lot of people have grandiose goals, but these goals end up getting delayed or never happen, because…“procrastination” creeps in! Can you relate? In my courses, I guide people to breakthrough “procrastination!” It’s especially fascinating when people procrastinate on allowing me to guide them to transform procrastination…but that’s a story for another blog ; )

Besides, technology is changing so rapidly that you don’t want to set goals too far out into the future these days…because it’s like trying to reach the horizon. It’s possible that your greatest business ventures haven’t even been invented yet! So get excited. Yes, have a grand vision. And, focus on what you will do right now…today, this week, this month, this year – to make it happen.

In the subconscious realm, creating/completing tasks and milestones have a very positive affect on our brain. These milestones stimulate our confidence, build momentum, and accelerate success! Set your mind to it and you’ll see your way through it!

Define right now…what’s ONE important key accomplishment that you will make happen in the next 7 days or sooner? Write it down

What’s a SECOND important accomplishment that you will complete in the next 2 weeks or sooner? Write it down. Then…

Take Bold Strategic Action.

The key is to take steps in the proper direction… The more intelligent steps that you take, the closer you will be to successfully accomplishing your vision.

Oh, and remember to celebrate your little successes along the way!

Take Strategic Action, With Flexibility

The key now is taking focused, inspired, strategic ACTION in the direction of your vision.

Nothing happens in the material world without action.

Sometimes the wisest action is inaction, or even refraining from taking hasty action.

The Bhagavad Gita, a Sanskrit scripture states, “One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among mankind. He has attained the goal of all actions and is free.”

The key is to be aware and take intelligent action toward your vision without attachment to controlling how specifically it will manifest for you.

What do I mean by “without attachment?” Some people ask me, “but what if I really want something…is it ‘bad’ to be attached?”

Well, let’s explore a scenario.

Let’s say you’re on your way to meet with a prospect that you’ve been courting for months with the intention of bringing him on as a client only to find out that he went with another company and says he will not be needing your services. If you were attached to that particular client or deal, “losing it” could be nerve-racking. But, when you are committed to the Ultimate Outcome, flexible in your approach, and transcendent of attachment to how it will show up…you discover that there are countless “deals.”

There is plenty of business in the marketplace. And you are… not attached. You know your value. And so…new doorways (with fun, lucrative opportunities) will open for you in this clear, present, free state of mind/being. These alternative fresh doorways would otherwise be clouded if your attention was fixed on particular attachments.

Here’s the Key: be crystal clear on ultimate intention, without attachment to how specifically it will become manifest for you. Have a plan, take action, and be open to the Great Mystery…

There may be something better for you out there – that you wouldn’t recognize – if you were busy being caught up trying to micromanage the details of manifestation based on your past conditioning.

There are countless ways to manifest your vision. Therefore, be clear on your intent, and stay open to innovation and infinite possibilities.

Check out Kodak. Here’s a mega-giant company that became a dinosaur because they were attached to an old business model and did not innovate!

Our mantra is…transcend attachment.

Often people come to my courses because they want to create change in their life, but they are attached (and don’t even realize it!!!)… Attached to their habits…attached to their old perspectives and business models, attached to their beliefs and standards, attached to not being hurt, attached to unhealthful relationships that are comfortable but hold them back. What other attachments can you think of transcending?

Attachment kills your materializing power because it is rooted in fear. Attachment presupposes absence or lack, and because you are a vibrational being, whatever vibe you emanate will boomerang right back.

Be Ready, Alert and Available. Allow Life to Unfold.

Pay attention. Expand your awareness. Heighten your senses. Be open, alert and ready.

Now it’s time to let nature run its course. It’s up to you to implement this Formula, but it’s not up to you to micromanage the details.

Just like with archery. You center your being, become still, focus on a target, and launch the arrow of your genuine intent towards the bulls-eye. The moment you release the arrow, it is essential to let go. Release your desire to make the arrow fly the way you hope or think it should. Allow the arrow and your Self to fly unencumbered.

The best way to connect with me directly is to join me for one of my Live Courses. We have an amazing calendar of upcoming events in the United States and Canada. You can also connect with me in the comments section of this blog, where I personally respond. 😉 And of course on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn💖

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  2. Happy 2019 Niurka! May you receive all your deepest desires too!

    I really appreciate this formula you have here. I would like to ask how to translate ‘what is’ to ‘what could be?’ I feel right now that the vision and discipline aspect for me are things that need to be at level 10 but they’re more like intermittent 4’s and 6’s. I wish I had a vision generator or something lol.

    I would be interested to see an example of letting go of the process to the outcome to achieve the outcome.


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