Quantum Leap Your Results Through Your Communication

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Every statement you make, every question you ask…has presuppositions.

What are Presuppositions?

Presuppositions are embedded assumptions in your communication that point → to the existence of ‘something’ – and signal your brain to find ‘that’ which is in alignment with what you declare.

The presuppositions in your communication illuminate and reinforce your…

  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs
  • Values

They influence your perception, motivation, actions, and determine what you attract and manifest in a field of infinite possibility.

Every Word Matters. They contain energetic frequency.

Through Words you bring the formless into form.

This is why it’s essential to use discernment in your choice of communication.

Choose Your Words Wisely. You are a Creator! You Create As You Speak.

You’re materializing in alignment with the presuppositions in your communication.

Consider… What have you been manifesting? 

Here’s a video on presuppositions and the power of your questions. It reveals insight to align your communication with your grandest vision

Here’s an example. A woman said to me, “I know I’m talented and have great work ethic but I’m struggling to attract abundance; I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.”

She could have said or asked anything, right?! Observe the presuppositions…

  • I’m struggling
  • I don’t understand
  • I’m doing wrong

As we explore her question, we discover the dominant thoughts haunting her mind. We see what’s showing up (or not showing up) mirrors the vibration and presuppositions in her communication.

Get curious…. Listen to your (and people’s) choice in communication. It reveals how one represents experiences in their mind. It’s a doorway into one’s map of the world.

People do not respond to reality they respond to their map of realityuntil they Wake Up!

When we understand another’s map of reality, we can enter it; and with understanding bridge worlds.

It’s all Energy. Observe your conversations from a perspective of energy.

If someone asks “what am I doing wrong?” with a vibe of fear or worry, this person is invoking the vibrational match of this State! We live in an attraction based universe.

Be aware of your VIBE. It’s in the giving that we receive.

If someone asks, “How am I going to survive this market?” At some level, this question may temporarily create motivation to not be in ‘survival,’ but the presupposition actually attracts survival.

Think about it from an energetic standpoint.

My Communication is the Response I Get.

You will know your own vibration when you look at the world around you.

What do you see? What do you notice? What’s showing up?

That’s exactly what you’ve been putting out. You teach people how to treat you.

Your communication presupposes if you’re coming from…

  • Fear or LOVE.
  • Scarcity or Abundance.  
  • Problem or Possibility.

If someone says, “I can’t afford it.” What’s the presupposition?

There’s something they want that they can’t have. There’s scarcity, absence of something, and their choice in communication illuminates their attention is on lack. They may say that to their children. “It’s too much money; we can’t afford it.” It will be given to them as they Declare! What are you speaking into existence? You have choice; so be mindful. As a master manifestor, focusing on lack creates more lack.

Do you see how this works? Make sense?

Stepping into someone’s map of the world doesn’t mean you agree with them. It means… you honor where they are.

Listen. Be aware. What are you bringing into the conversation?

If something appears to be missing, and you bring it…it’s not missing anymore. You brought it to the party : – )

The presuppositions in your communication illuminate if you’ve been perceiving the world through the lens of confusion or clarity.

The presuppositions in the statement, “I don’t understand how you could do that” signals confusion. But the presupposition in, “how can I understand?” calls forth clarity.

This distinction may seem subtle, but it’s significant.

When you consciously, creatively and consistently focus on elevating the presuppositions in your communication, you discover new possibilities and experiences.

The universe yields to the power of your focus. Reality is fluid; it’s in constant motion.

You’re a creator that attracts what – at the deepest level – you expect and declare. These assumptions are revealed in your communication – within your presuppositions.

Become aware of at least one statement right now that you’ve used in the past, maybe something you’ve said over and over again that has a disempowering presupposition.

What’s one thing that you’ve said to yourself up until now that’s drained you?

Write it down.

Meta-cognition. Observe your self.

Meta-cognition. Observe your self.

Now…get curious about it. What is the presupposition? What is silently assumed? What’s the expectation? Get curious? Is it really true? Where does this assumption come from? Did I inherit it? What else is possible? What else could this mean? What’s an empowering way of looking at this? What’s the gift here? As you begin to have an elevated inquiry with yourself, you begin blowing the boundaries out of old paradigms.

This isn’t about going around like the presupposition police. Be light. Get amused. Remember, it’s all energy. Being playful and flexible, you have power to transform energy.

The most flexible person in any interaction is the influencing factor.

You are not the only one presupposing, so is everybody else. When you’re completely present, and you know what to look for, you can walk right into another’s mind – you can take inventory on their map of the world by being aware of the presuppositions in communication.

Think for a moment, what are the presuppositions that are mostly present in the language of your community and tribe? The quality of your conversations determines your quality of your life. What are your conversations revealing?

I invite you, over the days and weeks ahead, to slow down, and become even more aware of the presuppositions in your communication. Notice your words. Observe their vibration.

How do your words make you feel? Keep a journal.

Notice the phrases you use consistently that empower you. Notice the ones that don’t feel so great, and shift the presuppositions to something that inspires you in the direction of a higher frequency.

When you change, the world around you changes – You have that much power.

This is a glimpse of one of the profound teachings I’ll be revealing Saturday, October 6th at my upcoming 1-Day SUPREME INFLUENCE event in Los Angeles. Join me for this epic day! You’ll receive 7 powerful techniques to transform your communication, and transform your life.

It just takes one person’s awakening to elevate the consciousness of a family, tribe, community, company, and then it has a ripple effect.  You are the one.

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