The Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Metaphor for Transforming Your Self & Life

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The Total Solar Eclipse is a Stellar metaphor for personal transformation.

Is there something in your life that you want to change?
Do you feel like something has been blocking you?
Have you been living in the shadows of what’s really possible for you?

If so… 
You’re going to Love these insights on how to wield the wisdom of the Total Solar Eclipse to Quantum Leap your life. Reflecting on this cosmic phenomena offers you practical insight on the powers you indeed have (right now) to transform your Self and your circumstances.

Every (2) two years or so, a total solar eclipse happens somewhere on earth. This year I was blessed that our home was just a few degrees from the majestic path of totality.

What specifically happens during a Total Solar Eclipse?

A moment of Cosmic Conjunction…The paths of the Sun, Moon and Earth perfectly align.

How does this relate to you…personally and transpersonally?

First, consider these words from leading scientists and brilliant minds…

“We are made of star stuff,” said the great scientist Carl Sagan.

“We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us.” Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The sages of ancient India declared: “Aham Brahmasmi,” meaning, all that exists exists within me.

Our existence is essentially ONE with the cosmos.

As Above, So Below.

In other words, this cosmological event – the total solar eclipse – reflects something back to you about YOU. This is not just about an “external” phenomena! These celestial objects are symbolically mirroring something back about your own psyche and our collective human condition in these times.

Here’s what I mean…
During a Total Solar Eclipse…

The Luminous Light of the Sun shines forth, but the mass of the Moon obstructs the Light, thereby casting a dark, cold shadow.

(Can you relate? Has something or someone been clouding your Light?)

Those living in the shadows can mistake this darkness for reality. But this darkness is not substantial in and of itself. Rather, the darkness emerges in the shadow cast as a result of an obstruction. From a different angle of observation, perception totally transforms in the presence of the Light.

The Light IS awareness, clarity, knowledge, information, energy, vitality, warmth, nourishment, creative potency, and love. Without Light – we experience No-Thing.

Now consider…
What has obstructed your Luminous Light?

The Psychological Eclipse

In Buddhism, the “3 poisons” (also know as kleshas) are considered to be the “root-cause” of all human suffering: ignorance (or confusion), anger, and greed (or attachment). The latter two are symptoms of the first. Therefore, the “root-cause” of human suffering is…Ignorance, which is the absence of awareness, or the blocking of the Effulgent Light of Understanding.

Think about it…
A Mind preoccupied and poisoned with these unwholesome “roots” – looks out onto a universe of infinite possibility – yet only sees *that* which harmonizes with its own discordant vibe. This is the epitome of – Perception Is Projection (until you wake up)!

MASSIVE opportunities could be right in front of your face…but if your mind is peddling an obstruction – you won’t see or experience the blessing!

Get curious…
Our mantra of the day is… Observe.

Have emotional or psychological obstructions, such as doubt or fear, blocked the Effulgent Light of your Awareness and Creative Powers from coming forth manifesting as fruits of life masterfully lived – brimming with love, fortune, and well-being?

As you become aware of any mental/emotional blockages buried within, and courageously summon them to the surface, these old energies begin morphing, changing, transmuting in the presence of clarity, commitment, and love.

As you accomplish this Great Work within…you emanate a powerful ripple effect inspiring wholeness and healing for all humanity and our planet.

Today, I invite you to tune in to the wisdom of your inner Eclipse. Enjoy journeying into the depths of your own psyche. Become increasingly clear on the aspects of your life that are not in full congruent alignment with who you authentically are at the core. Identify blind-spots and fears within your own subconscious. Then shine the Brilliant Light of Illumination on these shadows.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below. Give me a glimpse of your own epic odyssey. Allow me to be your ally and guide you on this profound journey of personal transformation.

If you feel called to work closely with me to transmute any persistent blocks of emotions (such as anger, fear, or sadness) or limiting beliefs, and shine the radiant Light of strength, vigor, and love on your worthwhile vision… I invite you to be with me in magical Sedona for NeoGenesis, which only happens once a year. Here I will guide you – step-by-step – to Create a New Beginning in Your Life.

Until then, remember…at the level of Essence…these “obstructions or blockages” are just Energy that can be wielded, transmuted, and used as fuel to ignite the fulfillment of your Grandest Destiny. These are the powers available to you now.

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