The Legend of the Phoenix: Journey of Personal Transformation with Niurka

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In ancient Greek Mythology, the Phoenix is a mythical bird with luminous colorful plumage in a thousand shades of gold and scarlet. 

She is the King and Queen of birds, said to have 1,000 year life cycles. 

The legend proclaims that there is only ONE phoenix, and that her cry is a beautiful song.

This supernatural creature can sense when the end is near. 

When her time has come, she builds a nest of cinnamon, frankincense, and myrrh. Then ignites a sacred fire, and surrenders the old self into the flames. 

Both the nest and the bird burn boldly and brightly.

The Phoenix dances in the flames; spinning, twirling, dissolving into ashes. 

From the ashes, a new egg is born, giving re-birth, renewal and new life to the phoenix who then soars to the temple of the sun, and the next stage of it’s inspired evolution. 

Dear ONE, you are the phoenix. 

I am the phoenix. 

We are all ONE with this profound myth that reflects the story of our existence.

The Power of Myth To Change And Transform Our Own Lives

This Myth of the Phoenix reveals an ancient formula – to die and be reborn.

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien

For all of us, there comes a time when we know that a part of us must die. 

We can no longer hold on to old ways of thinking and being. 

Although for some, change may feel difficult or frightening…it is imminent. 

It is Liberating!!! 

As you courageously embrace the transformational process, a new, wiser, and stronger YOU will be born.


Transformation Is Possible

What if you could create any desired change in any area of your life right now? 

You absolutely can! 

Like the legendary phoenix – the powers of transformation – are alive within you. 

They are your inheritance. Imagine reinventing any area of your life as you choose.

What would happen in your new life? And, what would no longer happen?

YOU have the creative power to reinvent yourself – to create a New Beginning. 

The Alchemical Process 

This epic journey of creating a new beginning in any area of your life, as you intend it to be, is an alchemical process.


What do I mean?

I mean the process of transmutation. 

Personal Alchemy is the process of consciously transforming anything in your life that feels like “lead” (i.e., heavy, dense, dark, burdensome, scarry, depressing) into “Gold” (i.e., light, bright, brilliant, energizing, inspiring, fresh, and new). 

You begin this epic hero’s journey by asking yourself conscious questions…

Your Transformational Journey

Ask yourself...

  • How do I learn from, heal and let go of the past?

  • What will I surrender to create space for a new beginning?

  • What new possibility is seeking to emerge through me right now?

  • What can I focus on to become even more clear and empowered in the present?

  • What can I focus on to create a meaningful and inspiring future?

  • How will I wisely navigate life’s transitions?

The transformational journey can be a difficult one. Flames burn and many people naturally recoil from them. 

The transformational process that results in the rebirth of the phoenix requires you to face your fears and the pain that has kept you locked where you are. 

It requires the discovery of truths you may have hidden, even from yourself, until now.

“One of the most progressive ways to begin or deepen your pilgrimage into the nature of your true self is with a trustworthy guide, an individual who has walked the path with commitment, discipline, and joy. Niurka is such a guide, extending to us an invitation to step firmly on the path of self-discovery, for navigating the yet undiscovered inner terrain of Self.”

– Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center Creator, Life Visioning Process; Author, Spiritual Liberation

Dear One, it is my fondest wish to see your Phoenix Rising from the ashes.

NeoGenesis: Create a New Beginning in Any Area of Your Life

In our community, we call this journey of personal transformation: NeoGenesis.


In Greek, the word “NEO” means “new.”

“GENESIS” means “beginning.”

NeoGenesis is a 4-day journey of personal transformation that guides you, step-by-step, to create a New Beginning in any area of your life that you choose.

NeoGenesis (NEO) is my deep dive transformational course and experience.

At NEO, I guide you through a cathartic process that goes directly to the root of whatever has been blocking you, which was stored subconsciously during the early imprinting stages of childhood.


These blocks are usually: 

  • Repressed negative emotions, such as: anger, fear, guilt, shame, sadness
  • Limiting decisions, such as: “I can’t do that”
  • Limiting beliefs, such as, “I’m not good enough”

In a safe space, I guide you to shine the light of your highest awareness to BREAK FREE and dissolve negative emotions, limiting decisions and limiting beliefs, just like the phoenix dissolves into the ashes. 


The result is rebirth and renewal – a new empowering and inspiring beginning in any area of your life that you choose.

How this Leads to BREAKTHROUGHS!

At NEO we identify the core beliefs stored at a subconscious level, beliefs you didn’t even know were defining your road up to this point. Then, in a safe space we guide you through a powerful process that lets you break free and re-define these beliefs. As you integrate these new insights and realizations at a cellular level, the old blocks have no choice but to dissolve before your new shining light.

The result is new, authentic core beliefs – that are in alignment with your highest self – naturally emerge, empowering you to declare a new path for your life, like the Phoenix soaring into the next stage of her evolution.

Breakthrough after Breakthrough emerges within each one present at NeoGenesis.


Here’s how a few community members describe their NEO experience:

“This was too amazing for words!”

“What a phenomenal 4 days it was!”

“My heart is full of love and open to receive and give.”

Your Phoenix Rising

I cherish the stories of personal transformation; they are a Source of my deepest inspiration. 

Here’s a couple stories that touched the hearts of everyone present:

One woman attending NEO had been stuck in the area of finances, desiring “success” but feeling “not worthy.” Something inside had been sabotaging her inspiration, actions and results.

As we explored deep into the cause of her roller coaster results, subconscious programming from the imprinting stages of childhood emerged for review.

Persistent voices (from the past) of her parents and family affirming that “it’s not okay to make a lot of money” and “money doesn’t grow on trees” were observed with clear awareness for the first time.

She had major BREAKTHROUGHS, recognizing the Truth of her being as Essentially Valuable, Abundant, Free, Powerful, and Loving… without limit.

Her life and results transformed radically. She experienced her Phoenix Rising!

The NEO transformation experience is so profound! Here’s a few love notes I received along the way. ; ~ )


Another student had been shackled by anger from her mother giving her up for adoption after conceiving her by “accident” while traveling through Europe.

All her life she felt like a “mistake.” But, through the transformation process of NEO, the Truth of her existence powerfully rose to the surface, like the phoenix, and she was able to observe her Self with new Enlightened eyes and a pure open heart.

Transformation unfolded as she recognized and declared….

“For the first time, I see clearly now. I AM a Miracle and a gift.”

NeoGenesis is where you align heart, mind and spirit with your Highest Self and Life’s Purpose.

It’s an alchemical journey of liberation.

It’s a journey of personal transformation.

And it is here for you.

If you desire greater love, healing, empowerment, clarity, direction, purpose, and community, then this is home for you.

I am inspired to be your guide in creating your NeoGenesis.

Let’s do this together!


To ensure that everyone can experience their Phoenix Rising, NeoGenesis 2021 will be a live virtual experience hosted from August 7th to August 10th.

I’ll personally guide you, every step of the way, through your own transformational process.

I can’t wait to see your Enlightened Self powerfully emerging in a way that elevates every area of your existence.

I can’t wait to see you embodying the fullness of your Life’s Purpose.

I can’t wait to see you making the profound impact that you are destined to make, and becoming who you are destined to become.

Start your NEO journey today, click below to register and join us.


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  1. My NeoGenesis was experience was absolutely priceless. I have been searching for answers and clarity my entire life. The student was ready and the teacher has appeared! Niurka, I am so excited to be on this journey with you and all the beautiful souls who co-created this magnificent event. My life will now be defined as “before Neo and after Neo”. I’m so excited for the abundant unfolding that has already begun! Much love to all!!! See you at the next event! <3 <3 <3

  2. So inspired to have witnessed transformation at the deepest core and the power of Love. Sending growlies to all of you❤️

  3. What an absolutely epic transformational event. I am so very grateful to my beloved Niurka for the teachings and guidance. And to all the radiant kindred souls who shared this journey, this experience with me…. Thank YOU!! I am honored and love you all. Namaste !!

  4. Niurka, I want to express to you my gratitude for you and your teachings. Both have had the most positive effect on my family. You have taught myself as well as my children how to live in I am, and get our Power Back. The love and deeper connection we have experienced is way beyond these words. I am honored, extremely grateful, and look forward to being with you soon! Thank You and much Love to YOU!

  5. What a beautiful and unfolding experience again! To walk on the Sacred Grounds with only my thoughts of NEO before and NEO after is priceless. To be able to be in a safe and healthy environment of pure LOVE and to find the real me each and every time is magnificent. I was only going as a “spectator”but realized I was going for me with an eye opening awakening! I thank the incredible staff and our Mentor Niurka for always being Authentic,soulfully full of unconditional and listening with open arms and an open heart. LOVE and GRATITUDE!

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