Honoring Bob Proctor & Sharing My Last Conversation with Him❤️✨

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You may have heard… an amazing man and legend in the personal development world, Bob Proctor, recently left his body, and transitioned into his eternal journey. 

What a wonderful man Bob was. I remember when he and I first met. 

We were asked to co-host a red-carpet event for 3 Feet From Gold, a modern day version of Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich. 

Bob and I instantly connected and developed a sweet affinity and friendship. He joked with me saying we were kinda like Regis and Kelly; we would laugh. 

Here’s a pic of us many years ago at that auspicious event…

Niurka and Bob Proctor at 3 Feet From Gold

Bob’s presence was timeless and ethereal; his nature was warm and inviting. He is one of the Greats – a true pioneer in our field. 

I remember the last conversation I had with Bob. It was heartfelt, on my birthday. 

We caught up on life and friends. We shared lessons learned. We shared about new innovations that we implemented in light of changing times. We talked about how we both disliked the term “motivational speaker,” LOL, to describe our life’s work. Our conversation was sweet and rich. 

Then, Bob shared with me that I had sent out a blog/podcast that he absolutely LOVED so much he asked for my permission to share it with his community. 

“Of course!” I said.

So, in honor of this brilliant, beloved man, Bob Proctor, I want to share with you the same message that touched Bob so deeply, knowing this story has immense power to positively uplift and enrich your life too.

Click the Video Below to Watch this Epic Timeless Story.

You can also Click Here to Listen to it on Apple Podcast.

It was a conversation that I had with our dear friend, Denis Waitley, another one of the Legendary Pioneers in personal development, who walked alongside the Greats like Jim Rohn (Tony Robbins’ mentor), Zig Ziglars and other originators. 

The topic of the conversation was “The Psychology of Winning,” but it really is much deeper than that.

It’s a timely message delivered with poetic eloquence by a sage, a dear friend of Bob’s, who is attuned with the wisdom of the ages.

In this riveting, soulful conversation, Denis inspires us to…

“Dream and plan as if you’re going to live forever!
Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow.”

In honor of my dear friend, Bob Proctor, who has graced us all with his wonderful presence and inspiring gifts, and is now on his eternal journey, I say, Thank You. We Love You Bob. We Appreciate You. Namaste.🙏🏼💖✨

With Supreme Love,


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