The Psychology of Winning — EPISODE 11: The Supreme Influence Show with NIURKA & Denis Waitley

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The Psychology of Winning:

A Conversation with
World Thought Leader & Legendary Motivational Speaker,
Denis Waitley and Niurka

I Love Creating Magic Moments! 

You know those special moments that awaken every cell of our being bringing all of our attention to the present…with awe and gratitude. 

I’m inspired to share one with you!

This magic moment moved us to tears and sparked a standing ovation!

It was a riveting, poetic story delivered by a sage, my dear friend Denis Waitley, on…

The Psychology of Winning. 

But this wasn’t just any ol’ story. 

This story withstood the test of time. It’s infused with wisdom of the ages.

It has the power to:

  • Liberate your heart
  • Enlighten your mind 
  • Clarify your direction, and  
  • Fortify your will

Especially in challenging or uncertain times, which is why I’m honored and excited to share it with you.

Denis is a Pioneer in the Personal Development field who has walked side-by-side with all the greats Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and more. 

Denis Is Classic; he’s authentic and wise. 

Think of him as our Great Grandpa’. 🙂

In his late 80’s, he graciously delivers high quality, lasting value that will positively impact every area of your life.

On this special Episode 11 of the Supreme Influence Show, Denis inspires us by sharing how to…

“Dream and plan as if you’re going to live forever! 

Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow.”

And so much more! 

I’m excited to hear from you after you watch and/or listen!

Share with me which Gold Nugget of Wisdom impacted you most. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog, or on the Apple podcast reviews. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 

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Now, let’s Rock this Episode with Denis!!!

To Your Greatness & with Love,





Welcome to The Supreme Influence Show — The Space to Embody Your Infinite Potential, and Fulfill Your Highest Destiny! Hi I’m Niurka, and I’m inspired to bring you this amazing episode!

I am super inspired and grateful about our next master Mentor who is joining us.

Our next master Mentor is a Pioneer in The Personal Development Industry.

He is an individual who has walked side by side with all of The greats!

He has walked side by side with Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, is friends with Bob Proctor; who’s also a dear friend of mine; Wayne Dyer… and he is someone who I relate to very deeply. He comes from some very challenging beginnings, as I do.

And he has transformed his thinking and transformed his life... and through his own journey of his own transformational process, he has gracefully and graciously — over decades — shared everything that he’s learned and discovered.

He has shared The Psychology of Winning, The Seeds of Greatness.

He has brought this wisdom to so many different areas. He’s worked with athletes. He’s worked with Business Leaders, Fortune 500 Companies, Olympic Athletes. The list goes on and on…

And I think I’ve got a… up right over here, see this is? Gosh, we’re going back now to that… I had to bring this up, because There I am with Denis.

Can you all imagine this? It’s like: “Niurka and The Kings!”

It’s what I like to call this plaque.

Back in The day when we were doing a tribute for Jim Rohn and Success Magazine was relaunching…

So this is a profound honor, profound honor! I’m so honored and inspired to introduce you all to The Master Mentor, my dear friend, Denis Waitley

Hi Denis! Oh Denis, welcome!

Denis has Wisdom of The Ages — Timeless Wisdom to share with us.



Welcome, my dear friend.



Oh, thank you, Niurka. It’s great to be with you. It’s great to be with all of you!

You know The greatest part of this program is, for me, to watch and listen to The Testimonials of The Students…

You get more from Them than you get from the presenter, because the most important thing is for the teacher to be the student of the students. So that They can learn more. So the greatest teachers are the greatest students.

So I’m so excited to be here because, my mission in life is to plant shade trees under which I myself will never sit…

I am in my late 80s. I don’t mind admitting it. And I am probably most likely to be in that very top group that has to be the greatest fear…

But, you know? When fear comes along I bring my A-game.

So fear is my Sentinel.

Fear puts me ready to go!

When things are at Their worst, I need to be at my best!

In fact, my best work: “Psychology Winning” — Nightingale Conant sold million dollars worth of one album; when there was only one other album which was Earl Nightingale’s: “Lead the Field.”

They sold million dollars worth of one album — which I wrote at the worst time in my life.

Now wait a minute…

Don’t you teach people when you’re at the pinnacle of your life… because then you can say: “Here’s what I did. Here is the way I got to the top, and I can take you to the top the same place, and the same way, that I got to the top…”

But I wrote it for me.

I wrote it because I wasn’t doing what I could be doing to become a winner…

So I was a spectator.

I was losing.

I was trying.

I was struggling.

But at the worst time, I did my best work because I wrote for me.

Instead of blaming, I took responsibility.

I shouted out the window: “I’m mad and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

And so, I developed a concept called PoW because I’ve been working with Prisoners of War…

But PoW means Prince of Wales to English Students.

It means Power of Women to many people watching right now.

It means Power of Words if you believe in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It means Putting on Weight to people who eat too much.

It means Psychology of Winning to me.

So what is life? A perception to the other beholder…

It’s not what happens to you.

It’s how you take it. And what you make of it. And you know, in my late 80s, I’m trying to figure out what to do for a career.

Let’s see…

I can’t be an Astronaut. They won’t let me go.

I won’t be an Olympian. Unless they use Chess or some other game like that.

But I’m learning that — like Gandhi taught — I live as if I’m going to die tomorrow.

And I dream and plan as if I’m going to live forever!

I’m always looking for new challenges. I’m always looking for new neurons.

I’m always looking for a way to help other people.


Well, if you have knowledge and money — it doesn’t do you any good when you have it — because you don’t want to die with your knowledge or your money…

So you want to share your knowledge, and your money, with everyone.

Which makes it worthwhile having earned it.

And, you know? I’m grateful for being on the program. Because, I’m not the expert. I’m not a household word. But I’ve been around since… I’ve been around for quite a while.

Yes, I was eight years old when Pearl Harbor [happened].

Yes, I went through World War II.

Yes, I wanted to be a writer. But, instead, became a Military Officer.

After all, the Korean War took place when I was a Senior in High School.

So I went to Annapolis, to the Naval Academy, instead of going to Stanford or another college like that…

And then, after the Korean War, of course — there was the Cold War…

And then there was Polio…

And there, there’s all the things that are going on…

And we had Bomb Shelters, and we were worried about things going on all through that…

I always thought we’d be at war… Which is why I became a career-based Nuclear Weapons Delivery Pilot.

But I don’t want to kill people. I want to develop them.

But I was defending something, and here I am today developing other people.

So working with Prisoners of War, with the Apollo Program when Astronauts — like you and me — they’re going someplace they’ve never gone before…

And their Virtual Reality is that place that no one has gone to… but yet they have to believe that the Virtual Reality becomes the New Reality because they’re going to the most dangerous place on earth: Outer Space.

Which you don’t know what’s going to happen there.

So an Astronaut is someone who practices within when they’re doing without.

A Prisoner of War has to live within when they’re imprisoned.

And each of us is also an Olympian…

You know, Niurka, you and I spent time talking about my work with the Olympians.

For two Olympiads I was Chairman of Psychology for the United States Olympic Committee Sports-Medicine Council.

My job [was] to create the performance enhancement for all American Olympians — all the sports — all of them!

But I’m not the expert in that.

I only think like that.

So I’m a coach, but I’m not an expert in their field.

So I hired the best Sports Psychologist, the best Psychologist and Psychiatrist in the world, in each sport, and let them go and do their thing.

And my job was always to keep the Olympian in mind first.

And what I found, which is so relevant in what you’ve taught—what you’re teaching…what happened today — you look at John Assaraf, and all the others that come on:

No train, no gain…

No brain train, you remain the same.

Thoughts become things.

Of course they do!

You know what else they become?

Thoughts are a biochemical, electrochemical process in which your brain is a series of surface streets, and freeway…

And it’s got all this traffic going…

All these thoughts…

95% Autonomic, Automatic, Habitual…

And yet 75% percent of what we see every day is what’s wrong…

So bad news, negative news, sells because it creates an awareness and an instant shock.

So the thing you have to do is take the surface streets, the roadblocks, the barriers, the overpass… and overpass it.

And get rid of the construction zone; and create a freeway.

And you have to retrain yourself to become the person that you envision:

The Astronaut.

The Olympian.

The Prisoner of War who wants to go home.

What I learned from the Olympians is Visual-Motor Behavioral Rehearsal:

Which is you must see it through your eyes…

You must witness it through your emotions…

You must feel it through your body…

Not from a spectator [position], not watching a movie….

But through your own eyes!

You go through the Performance Enhancement, all the motions, all the emotions, and all the specific language.

Those words that—  You know, when you talk about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and words…

Words are so powerful!

“Keep your head down, and get shot off.”

“Don’t run down the street, you’ll get hurt.”

“Be careful, you’ll get the Flu.”

“If you’re not careful, you’re going to grow up just like your father.”

“…beaver teeth, buzzer beak, motor mouth, turtle breath, dumb ball…”

“I don’t like you.” “I don’t like your country.” “I don’t like anything about you.”

“Thank you very much. I’m into a self-improvement program, and considering where you’re coming from, I consider it a compliment.”

“I want to.”

“I can.”

“Next time, I’ll get it right.”

“I’m a winner.”

“I eat lean source protein.”

“Water is my favorite fitness drink.”

“I weigh—”  If I’m a woman, “I weigh 120, 130 pounds and look good in the bathing suit!”

If I’m a man: “I feel good, 175, and don’t mind having my shirt-tail tucked in.”

I put words with emotions and visual.

Visual-Motor Behavioral Rehearsal…

The Olympian within.

You must be an Inner Winner, rather than an Outer Shouter.

If you’re an Inner Winner, you’re doing within—while you’re doing without.

And the words you use on Yourself are the most important; because, after all, no one knows you better than you do.

And no one’s opinion is so important to you as your own opinion of yourself.

Be careful of what you’re saying.

Be your own best coach and best friend.

The language of the mind — whether it’s Neurogenics or Autogenics — is so powerful because work, words evoke emotion…visuals emote, yet emotions, and words, and visuals, and emotions are all interconnected.

And when I said this, this brain is this great highway, electrochemical.

What you want to release are Endorphins.

You want to release Serotonin during the day.

You want to release Dopamine.

You want to release the hormones of Success and Development

Not the— not the Adrenaline; not the ones that stun you in your tracks; not the things that make you want to fight or flee…

You want to release the hormones of Success

And that’s the— what the brain does for you.

It has no feeling. But it controls all feelings, and all things that happen.

So… You know, “I may not be a winner, but I’m winning more than losing.”

“I haven’t arrived at success because It’s always under construction, and it is a toll road.”

And I would have to say that M Scott Peck (American Psychiatrist, 1936–2005) was right, and so was [Charles Dickens’] “A Tale of Two Cities:

Let’s face it, life is difficult, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” but the good old days are here; and now this is the best time to be alive in history.

It’s the best opportunity that we have. And after all, it’s our time. This is our life. This is that moment in history when you take control of your future, and you make it happen for you.

“Am I afraid? No. I’m alert.”

“Am I depressed. No I’m compassionate; and I’m also much more heightened and enlightened in my thinking.”

“I’m listening more. I’m watching more”

“I’m, shall we say, taking it in more; spending more time with my family; much more time with nature.”

“Why? It gives me a lot of answers.”

“It’s synergistic.”

“So I’m out in nature.”

So you know this is just a little bit of a soliloquy…

But I have to say that watching your participants was more meaningful for me; than trying to figure out what I was going to say to them.

And so I’m open for questions.

But I’m all also open to you, my dear friend!

If you ask me any question you want. And my limited knowledge, I’ll try to answer only from my own experience…



Oh, I’m— I’m so delighted!

Like listening to you sparks such inspiration.

And it’s the wisdom. It’s timeless. It’s wisdom of the ages!

And, we were talking the other day, when we were connecting on video.

And you were sharing with me about this whole journey; and all the things that you’ve seen over the years…

And you briefly mentioned it—you know the, the wars and polio…

What would you say to people that are in a state of fear, right now, based on what’s going on in the world?

About them really being able to have a bigger vision of what’s possible?



The most important thing is to make sure that what you’re listening to is what you need to do to take action. That’s positive.

So instead of being part of the problem, instead of being part of the catastrophe, instead of being part of the fires, instead of watching in horror; watch what you need to do to change your life. Because that is the only control you have.

You have control over your current thought.

The way you respond to what you see and do.

And your next thought and action.

So make sure that you’re taking in — and giving out — part of the solution.

Make sure you’re part of the solution…

Instead of complaining, start training and gaining.

Take it in. Be compassionate. Feel the sadness…

And then, do something in your own life about [it].

That’s why I wake up every morning and say, “What am I going to do?”

“Thank you again. Safe again. Let’s go!”

“What can I do with this dayto make one living creation better off for having met me this day?”

“What can I do with this day?”

“Thank you, for this day!”

Before I go to sleep at night, I make sure I don’t go to sleep on the evening news.

I don’t go to sleep watching what is happening all over the world, in the United States, and everywhere else.

Yes, I watch it for a need to know for my family. I do, and I stay alert.

I know what to eat. I know what I shouldn’t eat.

I know what to do. I know what I shouldn’t do.

But I only concentrate on my next positive step.

May each person close to me to be better off for me having talked to them about what we should do to solve the problem.

Not to relate to them the problem…

The easiest thing to do is to protest. And I’m not talking about anythingabout negative protest.

I’m saying the easiest thing to do is to be in the stands and watch.

The hardest thing to do is to be taking action that’s positive to change your life. So that your example benefits the people that come in contact with you. So important to do that.

And I try to do that every day.

And I don’t know how long I have to live; but I’m going to live every day as if it were my last!

And I’m going to take every momentinstead of wasting it, and killing it, and watching other people making money, having fun…

That’s another thing…  Let me give you some good advice:

Only watch a limited amount of television.

Why? Because they want you to watch… because they’re making money and having fun while, you’re watching them doing what they love to do!

Watch enough to inspire you. Watch enough to excite you!

Listen to beautiful music. Watch things that are inspiring; but spend more time doing, than viewing and stewing…

Because, by doing, you’re changing your life.

And by watching them, you’re seeing mostly bad news when you’re watching.



Denis, you’re so poetic!

I love how poetic you are.



Well, I’m a lyricist. You know.

I grew up in radio. Remember, we talked?

There was no television when I was in High School.

Oh, boy! That tells you how no TVs, only radio… So of course, I have a phonographic [Echoic] memory.

So you know… and I told you!

I so now I have R2D2 is RU Me Too…

I have a little robot that goes around with me.

I tell it what I’m thinking.

I tell it what I see.

I tell my little robot all hopes and fears.

He listens and remembers everything he hears.

At first my little robot followed my command, but after 88 years of traininghe’s followed my command.

In other words, I listen to him because he tells me what to dobecause I programmed him very well, by giving him instructions subconsciously; as if he were my Software Program inside of me…

Change the Software and the Hardware will change as well.




Our chat box is going is on fire over here with appreciation for everything that you’re sharing, Denis!

They’re calling you the let’s see… They’re saying, “Wow, the linguistic beauty and flow of your words…”

So everybody is loving that so much so.

So when you’re programming this little robot? Is it? Are you visioning? I mean, right? You’re visioning. You’re speakingyou gave that formula a second ago…



Well, you know. I’m doing what I’ve learned from the Astronauts.

The Astronauts are playing “let’s pretend,” so I, I am simulating.

So the Astronauts are mastering simulation…

And simulation is observation, imitation, repetition, internalization…

And the more you practice the right stuff, the more it becomes a reflex like brushing your teeth or driving your car.

So the Astronauts go through it in Houston, on the desert because it looks like the moon; it feels like the moon.

It was desolate out there and they fly the Lunar Excursion Module up and down, off the desert… And they go through every step, and every motion.

But it’s not just looking in the mirror with an affirmation.

It’s a confirming belief.

It’s confirming what you already are committed to do.

Because it’s very dangerous out there, and an Olympian has only one moment…

And they must be at their best in that one moment of time.

So what did they do?

They practice for 1,200 days the right moves with the coach.

And the coach teaches them doing within when you’re doing without…

The best practice will be after you’ve gotten off the playing field.

Why? Because on the playing field you make mistakes, you get hurt. In real life, you get hurt.

There’s a lot of NOs in real life.

But in this marvelous imagination that you have you never miss, you don’t fall you choose the move that you make in your imagination, and your robot doesn’t know the difference.

Hey, RU Me Too, R2D2?

You tell me where you want to go.

I’ll take you there.

You see we have this GPS System…

But instead of a a Global Satellite Positioning System…

It’s a Goal Positioning System within.

We’re target seeking by design.

The way we were created was to seek our Destiny!

To look for the Sun, to reach the Oxygen, to grow to our full… Every living thing has that same thing in mind reach its full potential.

And it’s trying to do that.

So what we need to do iswe take the words, pictures, emotions, the language, the moves, the feelings…

Because, first you visualize it gives you an emotional response… About 70% of life is what you see.

That’s why on Television they show so much of what’s wrong; because, it gets your attention, gives you an emotional response.

And then you respond to it visually, emotionally, and verbally

And I still will always believe ’till my last moment the most important conversation you’ll ever have is the silent one you have for your day until the moment you go into deep sleep… That conversation.

What do you say when you talk to yourself?

Are you reaffirming? Are you reinforcing?

Are you talking about what you’re going to do as a result of all the bad things that are going to happen?

Or are you part of the victim?

Why not be victorious?

Instead of a victim, why not be a Victor?

Instead of being entitled, why not be empowered?

Instead of wanting someone else to take care of you, why not say, “This is what I’m gonna do?”

You know, I’ve said for many years…

There should be a statue of responsibility on Alcatraz to match the stature of liberty in New York Harbor [on the Hudson River].

She brings in the immigrants.

She says, “Bring me your tired, and hungry. And I will give them the freedom to choose to live the way they, they can, they want to…”

But in order to be free, you must take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

So you must really think about what you’re going to do. And what you’re doing.

So what you’re doing benefits you and others, rather than has done at their expense.

So I picture this statue…and Victor Frankel and I talked about this, and he wrote man’s search for meaning. He was the Psychiatrist who led the resistance movement in Auschwitz.

And he— he said we should have a statue. And it could be on Alcatraz, because Alcatraz is a wrestling reminder of lost freedom.

It’s closed and rusted now. It’s a tourist attraction. But it should have a statue.

And she should have she should have an Eagle in one hand flying free, but a baby in the other hand… Take care of the next generation.

You’re responsible not only for the Freedom that, and the way you use it…

But what you said, as a role model for those who are following you.

And that’s why I believe so much in personal responsibility.

And believing that I’m as good as the best; but no better than the rest.

That I’m not superior to anyone.

That I can learn something from everyone.

It’s difficult not to have prejudices; and not to have leanings; and not to have a tribal affiliation with somebody.

But, oh, I’m trying to be as open!

And I treat everyone the way I think they want to be treated —  to feel at their best.

So it’s really the Platinum Rule: I treat everyone, first thinking the way they want to be treated, because I don’t treat them necessarily the way I want to be treated because sometimes I can handle criticism and so if people criticize me sometimes, it’s well-meaning…

But I want to treat them, what will elevate their own feeling of self-worth.

So my first thing is personal responsibility; and the feeling that I have potential.

And then, believing enough in the potential to take the action, and invest in myself, because I’m worth the effort.

If I’m worth the effort to be better than I am, and if I make sure that what I’m doing is helping other people achieve their goals; then, it’s a double win!

If I help you win, then, I win too.

And then I can say to you, “I like me best when I’m with you.”



I like me best when I’m with you, Denis!



Oh, thank you!

So I waxed a little bit that wasn’t gonna go into that.

But I I wanted to say that, you know, and I can’t can’t help being a lyricist. It’s just built in.

I know every song I’ve ever heard. I know the lyrics.

I know the entire Wizard of Oz. I can do it for my great-grandchildren!

And so I can do all these things raw.

And I must admit, therefore, I must have stolen the best works from history; and just I’m just gushing them out!

But when I was very young, I thought I could be anything, do anything, have everything…

I wished upon a Star and saw myself go everywhere throughout the world without a care.

But somehow, in between, I asked myself, “Should I see? Could I be all this I see?”

Now, at last I know, the things that made me go so slow, were early childhood fears that I should have long ago let go…

So how do we know that we vision, this vision, we have is real?

How do we know that these things — these passions are what we should really deal?

Well, I think the secret to living the life that’s within you… is really quite simple to find:

Leave all of your failures and doubts behind you and keep your eyes on what’s directly inside.

Cherish the loved ones around you! Stay true to the values you share.

Let health and abundance surround you and dream as big as you possibly dare!

And what will happen to you, is what you should say is, as you ask for these things to come to be careful, because…

Don’t wait for the future for those things to appear because the future is already here.

And that’s why we have to be.

And I especially know this in my 88th year of my life.

I must know, that every moment that I live is precious, and every action I take is a Diamond Jubilee.

And so I really appreciate very much being part of your program.

And being kind of, somebody who comes along and says “You know, Timeless Wisdom and Timely Neuroscience go together.”

The brain is the most incredible invention ever created on the earth.

It has the ability to be anything it wants.

So different from the instinct of animals.

So we have this incredible ability.

And, therefore, I’m going to retrain my brain at my age to walk straight up; to keep my shoulders back; take out more space in the room; smile at everyone I meet; say good things…

And when people say, “What do you think about this rotten world we’re living in?”

I’ll say, “You know, I’ve learned to take better care of my own life, and my own business; and I’m trying to look out for my family. I’m hoping that I can help make things betterat least in my own life. And that’s what I’m dedicated to.”

So whenever people say, “What do you think of all those idiots, and those? What do you think about everyone that’s…?”

I say, “You know, I’m learning that I need to do a lot, in order to make my life better. I need to learn a lot and need to take more action myself. I need to be a better role model. I do.”

And that’s, that’s my that’s my response to all the bad things….

I need to, I need to take this in, and do something about it.



My heart is so full listening to you!

And I can see all of our community is feeling the same, Denis.

You’re receiving a lot of love over here in the chat box if you can look!

They’re interacting with you.

There’s They’re saying Standing Ovation… is what they’re giving you! And so much love!



Well, I really appreciate that; because I I feel the same way.

You know, I don’t have any I have a few regrets, of course.

One regret would be I traveled, I traveled too much, and didn’t spend enough time with my family.

And that’s one, and I did waste a lot of time watching some sitcoms, and things…

And if I had it to do again, I’d read more, and I’d be out there more.

Instead of watching sports, I’d probably participate more in local things with my own children… [and grandchildren]

I’d do those things.

But after all is said and done, I hold no vengefulness to any human being on the earth.

I have no vengeful thought, because revenge is the worst feeling of all; because it uses negative emotion. And it doesn’t get anyone anything.

So make sure what you’re doing is positive, and part of the solution.

And if you carry a placard around — Well, I’m carrying a placard around is I’m trying to make things better…

But make sure you watch me, to keep me honest.




And, what would you say? Last question on this…

We’ve our, we’ve got a our our Business Quantum Leap Program is revealing its Master Mentors…

What would you say to people about The Power of Mentorship and having a Mentor?



It is the greatest thing in the world, to model yourself after people who’ve overcome enormous handicaps to become successful.

They come in many ways.

My grandmother helped me plant the seeds of greatness with the victory garden.

She said, “You’re a good boy!” It was the first positive thing I ever heard my grandmother said. “You moan good lawn. You’re a good boy.” The rest of it was, “You’ll be just like your father.” And, “You’re not careful.”

So you learn from the Mentors.

And that’s why I always say, “It takes a coach to have an Athlete.”

Every Olympian has had a great coach who says, “You know, you did that really well. But let me show you what you can do a little better next time!”

And the coaches actually watch and listen, and draw out of YOU the potential you have within.

They don’t tell you what they did, or how they did it.

They’re listening and bringing it out of you!

And that’s why it’s so important to pick role models who you’d most admire; not necessarily celebrities.

They don’t have to be a celebrity. They don’t have to have been on National Television.

They can be people who’ve done what you want to do; and done it well.

Or people who just have their stuff together.

And are willing to listen, and draw out of you, ask questions…

And Then say so given what we said

If it weren’t for Time, Money or Circumstance: What would you do what is your Passion?

Don’t I know what your Pension is? Everyone wants to be Rich…

But if you choose your Passion, your Pension will will increase.

And I think it’s so important then to have a Mentor, Role Model, Coach in your life

Because, I’m success by association.

Are you kidding?

Jonas Salt, for me. Han Steli, The father of stress in Canada.

Admiral Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh’s widow who lo who had their baby kidnapped and killed and and Charles Lindbergh went off to Maui and left her.

And she wrote, “Gifts of The Sea.”

I’ve learned more from Coaches, and Mentors, and Authors than I could ever learn from just looking at my own life.

And so, I want people to draw out of me the best in me.

But I want to learn from them and I think that’s what Coaches and Role Models are for.

I read a role model book, almost every week, and I say, “Oh my gosh! They were much worse off than I’ve ever been. And yet They’ve done much better than I have.”

They’re a better Father. They’re a better Author.

They’re a nicer Person. They’re more accomplished…

Not that I want to be an achievement-oriented person.

I just want to help other people make a difference in their lives which makes it my life worth living. That’s all.

I just want to make my life worth the time that I’ve spent.

And one last thought no one will ever remember how much money you spent on them only the time and effort you spent with them…

So the values you leave in other people, and your children, are much more significant than the valuables in your estate.

So just remember, make sure that you give your children roots, and wings instead of loot and things…

Because you’ll always have them thank you for that special roots of Self-Development, and the wings of Freedom.




Thank you, so much from the depth of my heart, for joining us, and so graciously sharing your wisdom, your love.

We can all FEEL your heart.

How are you all feeling?

Let’s put in the commentsshare in one or two words, how are you feeling from Denis’ session?

I’d love to hear from you all in the comments.





They’re feeling you.





I’ve seen them too.

And I thank you all I feel the same way.

Back to you!



Oh, so much love!

So Denis, thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I look forward to continuing to share the Seeds of Greatness that you’ve blessed us with today.

It’s a Joy and an Honor to be with you.



Thank you so much.

And I appreciate it.

And I’ll follow you.

And I’m going to listen and learn from everything you continue to do.

You’re the Next Generation to carry it forward.

I sure appreciate being with your audience, and with you.

Thank you.

And, remember: Failure is the Fertilizer of Success.



Yep, we get a whole bunch of that fertilizer over here…



I have bags of it right all around me, but it sure grows green it grows green pastures…

Believe me.



That’s been a theme today.

You know, Marina [Worre] just talked about failure today and…

And it’s so true.

“Failure is the Fertilizer of Success.” We’re going to quote Denis on that!

We love that!

Thank you, dear friend deep love. “muah!”



Thank you, thank you.






Virtual Hug.



Virtual Hug!  Give Denis a Virtual Hug.


Okay, everyone, in a moment we are going to have our Guided Visualization Meditation...

What a Blessing!

What a Joy!

How many of you could feel the the serene fluid wisdom that pours forth with ease and grace from Denis?

This man’s heart, this beautiful spirit, and it’s his devotion.

I’m looking at the comments right now…

His devotion over a lifetime in his own journey his own development transforming his own deepest challenges into these, these Seeds of Greatness; these Seeds of Possibility…

It’s my greatest Joy to have shared Denis with you, here today.



Thanks so much for joining us.

I’m intending that you receive profound value from today’s episode. I know, I did.

If you enjoyed today’s session, I really appreciate you subscribing, liking, and giving us a five star review.

Then sharing this message with the people in your life and your communities…because it is so essential in this time.

And be sure to tune in to our next episode.

I will see you on the next episode!

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