Getting Pregnant After 12 Years Of “Infertility”

How a Diligent Couple Got Pregnant Naturally After Trying to Conceive for Almost 12 Years


This is an inspiring story of a couple who solved “infertility.”


Have you ever wanted something in your life so much, but somehow felt continually blocked in your ability to manifest it? 


That’s how Katie felt a few years ago before she experienced her NeoGenesis.


Katie and her husband Alex navigated “infertility” for 12 years. They invested over $200,000 hiring world renowned specialists (both eastern and western), including acupuncture for fertility, artificial insemination (iui), and many in vitro sessions (ivf).


They were committed to get pregnant.


Numerous reproductive endocrinologists suggested that they get an egg donor, assuring them that the chance of getting pregnant – either naturally or with in vitro (ivf) – was less than 1%!!!


Well, they were wrong, and a Supreme Miracle Was Made Manifest!


Here’s what happened…


In late 2012, Katie came to SIIA (my 5-day LIVE Transformational Training).



“After years of trying to conceive, I directly attribute my fertility success to the guidance, support, and knowledge gained from attending Niurka’s courses. The integration of her philosophy and teachings in Supreme Influence created the total mind body shift that allowed my dream of having a baby to manifest with ease and grace. I am forever grateful to her and the entire Supreme Influence community for it’s profound effect on my life.”
– Katie O’Brien Eychis


Katie arrived at SIIA thinking her purpose for being there was to increase her sales production. She had just completed her real estate license, and the top producers in her Marina Del Rey California Keller Williams office (who are graduates of my courses and fans of my work) encouraged her to register for SIIA, which she did!


Little did she know… there was more to being at SIIA than just integrating strategies to skyrockets sales… (although that happened too!).


The entire trajectory of her life was about to radically transform.


During SIIA, Katie’s wounds surfaced. Tears rolled down her face as she recounted countless times she had walked into a client’s home to deliver a listing presentation only to find herself emotionally collapsing inside as she perused past the nursery.image03


Hearing Katie’s story and feeling the weight of her long “unsuccessful” journey to conceive, I declared FREEDOM and PEACE for her. Of course, I wanted her to conceive her Supreme baby, but first, I was devoted to help her transcend the debilitating pain and sadness of a (seemingly) blocked lifelong dream.


She soon realized that being at SIIA wasn’t just about closing more deals.  For Katie, this was a healing retreat. It was a about being true to the calling of her own soul.


It was about alchemizing the fears and subconscious blocks that had perpetuated old patterns of thought, behavior, and “infertility.”


She woke up, broke down, then started breaking through… in a colossal multi-dimensional transformational way!!!


Katie’s journey was a rapid process of peeling layers off the proverbial onion. She committed to all of my courses, and her husband Alex subsequently joined her.


A few months after SIIA, Katie came to Goddess Garden, my 3-day women’s retreat. During Goddess Garden, I lead a meditation into the underworld of the subconscious mind, where each woman has an opportunity to meet The Maiden, Mother and Crone archetypes within. During this meditation, The Crone, symbolizing the wise sagacious you, gives you a symbolic gift. For Katie, this gift was an egg.


She continued her journey with me, and on her own, studying, growing, evolving, practicing, and soon joined my Supreme CREW (the most awesome group of powerful volunteers who have received so much value in their own life from my life’s work that they choose to come back, and give back)!


One night at a Supreme CREW dinner after completing an epic NeoGenesis in Sedona, I asked Katie to share the latest news in her journey of conception. She was in the process of finding the “right egg donor.” The emotional charge around the subject was gone. We were having a clear, conscious conversation about the options available.


As we talked, I sensed emotional freedom; the sadness dissolved, BUT I heard and sensed… DOUBT.


I brought this disempowering STATE to her attention. By this time, two years had gone by since graduating her first course. Katie had the tools to breakthrough intellectually, but there was still another level to breakthrough viscerally that would soon integrate at MASTERS of SUPREME INFLUENCE, my advanced transformational training, exclusive for graduates of SIIA and NEO.


Fast forward just 7 months after MASTERS and…




Katie and Alex conceived naturally on the Winter Solstice 2015!!!


“Against the odds” … their 12 year goal became real!!!


No fertility drugs, no artificial insemination (iui), no in vitro (ivf), no egg donor… simply relaxed, free, inspirited good ol’ fashion lovemaking in a STATE of Supreme Influence, flow, clear intention, and non attachment <3 <3 <3 AND… Bamm! Supreme Baby is now on the way.


Actually, he’ll be here any minute now!


The moral of the story is this…



If you have a goal or dream that you know is destined to be accomplished through YOU… DO NOT give up! Do not listen to the naysayers of the world. Do NOT believe the “experts” who crush your dreams. Do your research; discover alternatives. Check out: Resolve: The National Infertility Association. Be logical, but also, expand your awareness realizing that the Source of LIFE itself is a mystery, and that Miracles Happen!


Not only did Katie conceive naturally… she had a record-breaking year in real estate!!! She also volunteered, serving as our Supreme CREW leader, travelling 45 days a year on the road with us, along with her husband Alex, while still making time for hobbies she loves, like teaching yoga and fire spinning. Actually, thanks to Katie, we now perform a fire dance celebration ceremony at the completion of SIIA.


How about you? What do you desire to create or transform in your life? What would it be worth to have it now? For Katie and Alex, achieving their goals was priceless!



I’m here to support you in transforming mental blocks so you too fulfill your dreams too. It’s my life’s work… my joy, my devotion.


Will you allow me to coach you?


Do you sense any emotional or mental blocks to achieving your goals?


Katie originally experienced sadness, anxiety, doubt, and even depression around the subject of “infertility.” But then, everything changed…



If you are desiring healing, transformation, or the next level of success and fulfillment in your life – whether it’s overcoming “infertility” or any other obstacle, challenge, or limiting belief – join me for one of my upcoming transformational training experiences.


Allow me to support you in alchemizing the greatest challenges in your life.


These transformational courses happen only once a year…


SIIA – A Journey of Awakening.


NEOGENESIS – A Journey of Alchemy.


MASTERS – A Journey of Embodiment.


Goddess Garden – A Journey of Sacred Sisterhood.


Don’t wait another year to accomplish your goals and live your dreams! Take action. You’ll be so grateful you did.


To your success, and with Supreme LOVE,


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