The Awesome Power of SELF-HYPNOSIS

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Hypnosis is a highly misunderstood topic.

Some people think Hypnosis is a “magical” power that stage hypnotists use to make people bark like a dog, or quack and walk like a duck. They fear hypnosis because – from their limited perspective – it means losing control, going unconscious, or going into trance.

BUT here’s the reality… you move in and out of Trance States, throughout the day already! In other words… you go in and out of TRANCE all the time, whether you realize it or not.

Have you ever missed your exit on the freeway because you were driving on autopilot? That’s a hypnotic state. : – ) You were in trance…

People have driving trances, parenting trances, work trances, working-out trances, etc.

My Life’s Work shows you how to SNAP OUT OF low vibe trances and STEP INTO empowering MIND STATES at Will.

Here’s what happens when you are in a HYPNOTIC State…

  • your Focused Attention is Heightened,
  • you Become Highly Susceptible, and
  • Amenable to Suggestion.

This is Important…because you can NOT allow yourself to be Influenced by the persistent negativity of the world. (reread twice :-).

For example, let’s say… you’re wanting to attract soulmate love, and you overhear a woman in a restaurant say, “All the good men in this town are taken.” That statement affects you; it penetrates into you. After all, you’ve been single for years, and your dates haven’t panned out so well. You are sitting at the bar – alone – having a salad, and now this woman’s thought is percolating in your mind. You repeat to yourself, “maybe all the good men are taken.” As you do images of bad dates cross your vision. Then, you start feeling bad. In this moment you must…


You are in a Trance! You can easily snap out of it by radically shifting your physiology and saying to yourself: WAKE UP!

Step out of the situation, as though you were stepping off a movie screen. (This is called a “meta-position”). 

Niurka Helping Woman

Observe yourself with curiosity (as if you were an anthropologist from Andromeda).

Ask, is this really true?

Niurka and Woman

Then repudiate the statement. Firmly say to yourself:

“That is NOT true. There are plenty of awesome men (or women) in this town and in this world; and I easily connect with them. I know I will attract my life partner in divine timing. Actually, I am preparing for his/her arrival right now; I am grateful he/she is on the way.”

By repeating messages to yourself – with congruent energy and emotion – of that which you intend to manifest – in a relaxed state, as though it is happening now (that’s the key!) – You Set the Stage for Victory! This is a form of Self-Hypnosis (or “hip-gnosis” as I like to call it:) ! It’s a Key to MASTERY.

AND…it’s ONE of the powerful, life-changing techniques that I teach in one of my Digital Courses, SUPREME INFLUENCE

When you practice self-hypnosis you are pruning your mind, and wisely directing your thoughts toward the realization of your highest aspirations.

You may know that I own a boutique vineyard, and pruning is one of the most important processes. It determines if the harvest will yield the best fruit for years to come, or if it will suffer. And so it is with you. It is essential to Prune Your Mind. Self-hypnosis is a technique for accomplishing this.

In self-hypnosis, you vividly FEED empowering thoughts and imagery to your subconscious mind. It’s best to do this in a relaxed state. These empowering thoughts are like seeds that take root and bloom into your Highest Potential.

Niurka with Man

There has been significant research done by top psychologists, doctors and experts around the world on this topic.

According to William J. Ray, professor of Psychology at Pennsylvania State University, hypnotherapy is effective for overcoming phobias, addictions and chronic pains.

Ray’s research about hypnosis on the brain, suggests that:

“Hypnosis removes the emotional experience of pain while allowing the sensory sensation to remain.”

Carol Ginandes, Harvard Medical School, conducted research with women undergoing breast surgery. She randomly split them into two groups: one receiving continuous hypnosis sessions directed towards quick recovery and reducing pain, the others being placed in a control group that did not undergo hypnotherapy. Both groups received the same care, and had operations performed by the same physician. At the end of the experiment, the results were astonishing! Those who underwent hypnosis healed significantly quicker and endured less pain over the other control group.

If hypnosis can perform such profoundly radical results in the medical field, just imagine how powerful it can be when understood and consciously used as a tool to direct your subconscious mind.

When you use self-hypnosis to calm, center and focus your mental state you are prepared to take on life’s challenges with an air of panache, and you will succeed in your endeavors.

People will be attracted to your optimism; they will gravitate toward you

You have the power to completely Transform Any Area of Your Life by reprogramming your thinking through self-hypnosis. This is exciting!

Through Self-Hypnosis, you can quickly direct your mind to eliminate negative thought patterns that inhibit you from experiencing inner peace and achieving your worthwhile ambitions.

Self-hypnosis can empower you to achieve your goals, improve your health, build stronger, deeper relationships, enhance your daily performances, and so much more.

Are you Curious…. Excited to Discover More about this Awesome Power Within?

Then…join me for SUPREME INFLUENCE, a Transformational Training Experience that Will Empower You with Tools & Techniques to Elevate the Way You Think, Speak & Live.

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  1. It makes sense that we can change how we think about things for the better. People tell me I have a knack for finding the positive in any situation. What sometimes happens to me is even though I can recognize negative thinking and change it, someone or some thing will trigger that negativity again. I slip right back into unhelpful thoughts and lose energy and focus. Later I feel disappointed I let that happen! How do we get past these triggers that sneak up on us?

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