Transcending the CLOUDINESS of the Conditioned MIND

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INFLUENCE happenswhether you are aware of it or not. Without discernment, it’s easy to allow the drama and cloudiness of the world to influence your thoughts and choices, sucking you into a particular reality that may or may not be in alignment with who you authentically are, and your core values.

You’ll know if this happens because you feel discord.

But the awesome news is…YOU can make a new choice!

Shift Your Focus

You can step out of the conditioned mind simply by…

I’m reminded of the importance of *this* after arriving home in Ashland where the smoke from the fires is so thick that the forest disappears into it. It’s gloomy over here, and it’s reminding me of the cloudiness of the conditioned mind.

Here’s a 60-second video I shot on Instagram with insights on how to transcend the gluiness of the conditioned mind…


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It’s likely you’ve experienced this cloudiness of mind. Can you relate? Let me know… leave me a comment below. Whether it be a cloud of worry, doubt, judgment, or living in the past, these negative frequencies influence your perception, and block your creative flow, which is why it’s so important to purify them.

This “cloud” can be sticky…but fortunately, you can do something about it.



Everything is Vibration. Tune into Lighter Vibrations, meaning …positive, uplifting attitudes will literally transform your perspective and circumstances!

Niurka with Student

Elevate Your Vibration

When you vibe in the Light, Love, Gratitude, Enthusiasm…you’re easily able to transcend negativity and elevate yourself beyond the clouds that linger in the depths! That’s pretty poetic, but consider this… When you live in the Light, you will experience this world differently than those who loop disempowering thoughts and emotions that cloud the mind.  

Do you want to stop allowing cloudiness of mind to influence you and your choices?
Do you want to discover how to live and communicate in the Light with clarity and confidence?

I will be revealing specific insights and methodologies for you to transcend the conditioned mind and live and communicate in the LIGHT to inspire outstanding results and the next stage of your evolution in service to our world.

I’m inviting you to join me on October 6th, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA for our 1-Day LIVE event: Supreme Influence. I’ve put something very special together for you; check it out at:

To YOU living powerfully in the Light,

P.S. I’d love to hear from YOU. Leave me a comment at the bottom of the blog. Let connect and keep this conversation flowing. 🙂


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  1. It seems that self doubt is a smoky cloud that comes and goes for me… and sometimes sticks around for quite a while. I am looking forward to seeing/being with you at Neo in September! xoxo

  2. I saved the date on my calendar! I too can relate to the smokey clouds. Thank you for your awakening blog.

  3. Well, I have enjoyed your thoughts. I would like to share a couple. I find the mind, the human mind is noisy and always looking for attention. Just like the evening news… sometimes it uses shock value… really, your own self does this to you, your own self. So if we can rise above the human mind to the Mind, capital “M,” we can quite the noise maker. But this can only be discovered in silence. Example, when your cell phone rings, you answer and say hello. Assume you don’t recognize the number. Your entire attention is completely focused on listening to the caller to respond to hello. You can be in a large crowd but your entire attention is on the anticipation of the voice announcing itself. Sometimes one might even cover their other ear to block out the exterior noise. But you listen, intently.
    That is a moment of silence with a complete willingness to listen regardless of any noise. We know that a split second is like a million years pending where you are being. So, maybe try to say “hello” without the phone… and then just listen. You might only get a second or two before the human mind demands your attention. But, at first, just recognize what it is… the human mind. Maybe just tell the human mind… “I’ll talk to you later.” Maybe just feel the vibration in the tips of your fingers- it is there. Maybe you just go on with your day until you feel the desire to say “Hello” again… and then listen. It is simple. The Spirit within will respond if you let it but don’t for an instant try to tell it anything. Just listen. This is likely the ultimate in prayer. So, I’ll share this one prayer.
    “The Prayer to no one”
    Pray not for me, pray not for you
    But pray just this one simple thing…
    That you might recognize that which is already and always true
    That this very moment, the Spirit of the Lord is within me, is within you, is within the stranger too.
    My mistake, the title is “The Prayer to Know One”

    1. Beloved Timothy, Your words are beautifully woven revealing wisdom in a poetic way. Thank you so much for graciously sharing these gems of illumination. <3 It's sweet to muse together in the Silence....Stillness... Being... Breathe... Spirit... Eternity... Now... I AM Silent Listening in AWE. Namaste, Niurka

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