SUPREME INFLUENCE – Bought by GARY JANSEN AT CROWN, Harmony Books, Random House

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Niurka, Inc. is proud to announce the sale of SUPREME INFLUENCE by Niurka, to Gary Jansen of Harmony/Crown/Random House, in a world English deal, to be published in hard cover January, 2013. Global Lion manages film and translation rights.


Supreme Influence: I Create as I Speak teaches that the reality we experience is created and defined through language.  As we learn to wield language purposefully, we can consciously mold a more powerful and purposeful life for ourselves and our world. Supreme Influence: I Create as I Speak illuminates the specific effect of language on cognition and environment, guiding with specific insights and disciplines to create an immediate evolution in consciousness and results.

Transform your language, transform your life.


Niurka is a transformational teacher and guide who inspires and empowers people in living purposefully and powerfully.  She is a featured luminary in the upcoming movie, Discover The Gift. Niurka is a master trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapist, pranic healing practitioner, and mystic scholar.

She leads transformational courses including Supreme Influence in Action, NeoGenesis, Magickal Materialization, and Goddess Garden.


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