The 5 Most Important Decisions You Can Make

Are you ready to create the most magnificent year of your life? I’m deeply inspired to support you in making that a reality! Why? Because when you’re living in your purpose and power you contribute at a higher level – and our whole world gets better because of YOU. You’re that important ; – ) !

So let’s begin.

Last week I shared insights to Create Prosperity & Success In The New Year by Making Empowered Decisions.

5 Most Important Decisions You Can Make in 2016Today I’m inspired to illuminate the 5 most important decisions you can make in the new year.

These 5 decisions are simple, and transformative. They will influence your results and where you’ll be this time next year!

#1 Decide: What’s most important to you in life?

#2 Decide: Who will you hang out with?

#3 Decide: What will you feed your mind?

#4 Decide: What will you choose to focus on?

#5 Decide: What meaning will you give to the experiences of your life?

Now invest a moment to really contemplate.

Consider, what’s been most important to you up until now… based on how you’ve been investing your time, energy, and resources? Have you been focusing on things that strengthen or weaken you? Have you been nourishing problems or possibilities? Have your decisions stemmed from love or fear?

What if one decision could transform your life for the better?

One clearly made decision emerging from your authentic core values has power to change everything!

Empowered Decisions
As you enter the New Year, think about how you want to live. How do you wish to wake up in the morning? What do you want your relationships, business, and life to look and feel like? What’s most important to you? What are you inspired to create?

The quality of your life reflects the quality of the decisions you’ve made.

In a moment you’ll have an opportunity to make a decision that has power to significantly improve your life right now.

Who you hang out with and what you feed your mind are two of the most important decisions you’ll make for your success and fulfillment. That’s why I’m super inspired to invite you to join me for our epic Supreme Influence event live in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 27. This one decision – to come to this 1-day training event – will give you tools, strategies, and resources to embody your infinite potential in 2016.

Please share this blog with someone who can benefit from making empowered decisions!

I’m inspired to hear from you! What empowered decisions are you ready to make in the New Year. Leave a thoughtful comment and I’ll personally respond. <3

Looking forward to being in your radiant presence soon!

With LOVE,


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Enjoy this worksheet listing these 5 important decisions. Share it with your friends and family so they can make empowered decisions in the New Year too! 

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